Programming with
Data Structures and Algorithms

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Welcome to the Fall 2010 cs019! Your official materials use the designator CSCI0190, but that naming and numbering convention was imposed by a very expensive—and hence very deficient—piece of software that Brown purchased. Just to show that we won't let bad software rule our lives, we're choosing to use the old designation. The course follows the same principle.

To learn more about this course, read the README, which also contains FAQs and a missive from the course staff. If you still have questions, ask away! We can, however, anticipate one question: How hard is this course? Here are two salient points:

  1. You might get some insight by talking to students who took it last year. We felt, however, that the course wasn't quite hard enough, so we've increased the number of assignments, reduced the time for each one, added material, and increased the amount of solo work. Be aware of this as you take their advice.
  2. The Critical Review said that last year's course was “like Organic Chemistry”.

The class meets MWF 11-12 in room CIT 219. (The Watson CIT is on the corner of Brook and Waterman, next to the Sciences Library; see the campus map.) The first few meetings will be held in the third floor atrium. Please look for and follow signs.

All your work in this course is covered by our policy on honesty, timeliness, etc. You are responsible for all policies on this page, so read it carefully!