TA Hours

Have questions?

For questions about the assignments, logistics, or course material, ask your question on Piazza.

For more private matters, you may email cs0030tas@lists.brown.edu.

If you want to contact only the instructor, faculty, and Head TA, email cs0030headtas@lists.brown.edu instead.

In addition, all staff can be contacted individually at their CS email address, which consists of their login (in parentheses below their name) followed by @cs.brown.edu.

TA/Office Hours

Office hours start the week of 09/10. All TA hours will be held via Zoom. All the times are in ET.


Our theme is superheroines! Hover over the images to see some of our favorite supers.


Archita Agarwal


Shenandoah Duraideivamani

Usha Bhalla


Maia Mongado

Margret Fisher

Faculty Advisors

Shriram Krishnamurthy