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Specification and
Verification of
Dynamic Access Control

Shriram Krishnamurthi

Wednesday 2:30-5:00pm; CIT 367

I'm creating a mailing list for those in the class. If you haven't received mail from me about this, that means I missed you or have you listed by the wrong address. Please contact me ASAP!

Here is the reference Alloy model for Continue (thanks, Jay!).

Here is the model comparison (thanks, Eric, Warren, Bradley, Joel and their groups!).

Clarke, Emerson and Sistla, Automatic Verification of Finite-State Concurrent Systems Using Temporal Logic Specifications
Peled, Model Checking Using Automata Theory

Lampson, Protection
Sandhu and Samarati, Access Control: Principles and Practice
Sandhu, Coyne, Feinstein and Youman, Role-Based Access Control Models

A good source of background reference material is the Spring 2005 cs234 reading list.

Eli Barzilay will be speaking at 4pm on Thu, Feb 2.

Riccardo Pucella will be speaking at 10am on Wed, Feb 8.

Joshua Guttman will be speaking at 4pm on Thu, Feb 16.

Thanks for their help with the course planning to Kathi Fisler and Dan Dougherty.