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Organizational issues & course overview (Ugur) [slides]


Demos and discussion of project ideas (Ugur) [slides]


Distributed systems overview I (Ugur) [slides]


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bullet Toward Building a Robust and Intelligent Video Surveillance System: A Case Study.  Edward Chang and Yuan-Fang Wang, Proceedings of the IEEE Multimedia and Expo Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2004.[PDF] (Doug [slides])

   Suggested reading:

bullet Meteorological Command and Control: An End-to-end Architecture for a Hazardous Weather Detection Sensor Network. Zink, Westbrook, Abdallah, Horling, Lyons, Lakamraju, Manfredi, Kurose, and Hondl. Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on End-to-End, Sense-and-Respond Systems, Applications, and Services (EESR 05), pp. 37-42. June 2005. [PDF]
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Project proposals (All)
Distributed systems overview II (Ugur)


Platforms, tools, and abstractions
bullet The Emergence of Networking Abstractions and Techniques in TinyOS*. Philip Levis, Sam Madden, David Gay, Joe Polastre, Robert Szewczyk, Alec Woo, Eric Brewer and David Culler. NSDI'04. [PDF] (Mert [slides])
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Synchronization and localization
bullet The Cricket Location-Support System*. Nissanka B. Priyantha, Anit Chakraborty, and Hari Balakrishnan. Mobicom'00. [PDF] (Bill [slides])
bullet A Survey of Localization. Jeffrey Hightower and Gaatano Boriello, IEEE Computer Magazine, Vol. 34, No. 8, 2001. [PDF] (Allison [slides])
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bullet Fine-grained network time synchronization using reference broadcasts*. Jeremy Elson, Lewis Girod, Deborah Estrin. OSDI'02. [PDF]


Data dissemination I
bullet Directed Diffusion: A Scalable and Robust Communication Paradigm for Sensor Networks*. C. Intanagonwiwat, R. Govindan, D. Estrin, ACM MobiCOM 2000. [PDF] (Dan [slides])
bullet Adaptive Protocols for Information Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks. W.R. Heinzelman, J. Kulik, H. Balakrishnan. Mobicom'99. [PDF] (Isaac [slides])
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bullet A Content-Based Networking Protocol For Sensor Networks. C.P. Hall, A. Carzaniga, J. Rose, and A. L. Wolf. Technical Report CU-CS-979-04, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado, August, 2004.[PDF] (Kyu-Wook [slides])


Project progress review


Data dissemination II
bullet Salamander: A Push-based Distribution Substrate for Internet Applications. G. Robert Malan, Farnam Jahanian, and Sushila Subramanian. In Proceedings of the USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems, December 1997, Monterey, California. [PDF] (Alex [slides])
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bullet Mesh-Based Content Routing Using XML*. Alex C. Snoeren, Kenneth Conley, and David K. Gifford. Proceedings of the 18th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, October 2001 [PDF]. (Jie [slides])
bullet Towards an Internet-Scale XML Dissemination Service*. Yanlei Diao, Shariq Rizvi, and Michael J. Franklin. VLDB Conference, August, 2004, Toronto. [PDF] (Jie [slides])


Thanksgiving recess
bullet How to cook a turkey?


Storage and query processing I
bullet Multi-Dimensional Range Queries in Sensor Networks*. Xin Li, Young-Jin Kim, Ramesh Govindan, and Wei Hong. Sensys'03. [PDF] (Dan)
bullet GHT: A Geographic Hash Table for Data-Centric Storage. S. Ratnasamy, B. Karp, L. Yin, F. Yu, D. Estrin, R. Govindan, and S. Shenker. WSNA'02. [PDF]
bullet The Design of an Acquisitional Query Processor for Sensor Networks. Samuel R. Madden, Michael J. Franklin, Joseph M. Hellerstein, and Wei Hong. SIGMOD'03. [PDF] (Mert)
bullet Model Driven Data Acquisition in Sensor Networks*. Amol Desphande, Carlos Guestrin, Samuel Madden, Joseph Hellerstein, and Wei Hong. VLDB'04. [PDF] (Bill)


Storage and query processing II
bullet A Distributed Filtering Architecture for Multimedia Sensors*. S. Nath, Y. Ke, P.B. Gibbons, B. Karp amd S. Seshan. First IEEE Workshop on Broadband Advanced Sensor Networks (BaseNets '04). [PDF] (Doug)
bullet Design Considerations for High Fan-in Systems: The HiFi Approach*. M. Franklin, S. Jeffery, S. Krishnamurthy, F. Reiss, S. Rizvi, E. Wu, O. Cooper, A. Edakkunni, and W. Hong. CIDR Conference, January, 2005, Asilomar, CA. [PDF] (Alex)
bullet DataSpace - querying and monitoring deeply networked collections in physical space. Tomasz Imielinski and Samir Goel.  IEEE Personal Communications Magazine, October 2000. [PDF] (Jono)
bullet The network is the database: data management for highly distributed systems. Julio C. Navas, Michael Wynblatt. In ACM SIGMOD 2001.[PDF]
TBD Mini workshop: project demonstrations