We’re excited to build and fly drones with you. Each student will learn to program a small quad-rotor helicopter. We will provide each student with their own robot for the duration of the course. The course will cover PID controllers for stable flight, localization with a camera, mapping, and autonomous planning. At the end of the course, the aim is for students to understand the basic concepts of a mobile robot and aerial vehicle.

The class is taught by Professor Stefanie Tellex and the rest of the course staff.

Enrollment is limited due to limited amounts of drone kits, lab space, and staff support for the class. You can apply for an override to join the class here.


Our lectures online can be found on edX Edge. Use this link to make an account and access the lecture material. Notwithstanding online lectures, attendance is required in person on Tuesday and Thursday 10:30am-11:50am in the Science Library 8th floor lab space. Professor Tellex will be running extended office hours during this time.

The first lecture was delivered live over Zoom and covered mostly class logistics. You can find the slides here.


The class textbook can be found online at Duckiesky Learning Materials. Each assignment or project is a link to a specific chapter in this textbook and has corresponding lectures in the edX Edge course.


The class schedule contains video lectures, assignments, and projects organized based on due dates. This is the main page for what happens when with the class.


For those taking the class at Brown, as well as our high school collaborators, we will provide a drone kit using funds donated by Amazon Robotics. Anyone can buy the drone kit online here.

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