The Educational SoftWare Seminar

Educational Software from CS92 (1992-2004)

This page includes links to all of the downloadable programs created in the Educational Software Seminar since 1992. From 1992 through 1997, the Seminar worked exclusively with teachers and classrooms with Apple computers, and programs were created using Hypercard. You can read about and download these Hypercard programs from the CS92 Hypercard Archive page, which groups the programs by subject area.

In 1998, as powerful computers became more common in area schools, and local teachers and students began to require more sophisticated multimedia programs, for a variety of platforms, the Seminar expanded in two respects. First, we began soliciting and receiving proposals not only from K-12 classroom teachers but from Brown University faculty members and educators in local non-school institutions (e.g. museums, hospitals, etc.) as well. Second, we began using a variety of programming environments and authoring tools, available in the Department of Computer Science as well as Brown's Multimedia Lab, that allowed Seminar students to create programs for various platforms as well as for teachers who proposed Web-based projects.

Below you will find more than two-dozen programs created since 1998 that are available for downloading. They include programs for Macintosh and Windows computers, as well as several Web-based applications. All of the programs are documented on their respective project pages.

Programs for Elementary School Education

Programs for Secondary Education

Programs for Higher Education

Note: The programs created in the Educational Software Seminar at Brown and available here may be used without charge by anyone for any non-commercial purpose. Redistribution of the programs is forbidden without the consent of their authors, the Seminar and Brown University, and charging a fee for their use is forbidden under any circumstances. If you find the CS92 materials and programs useful we hope you will let us know, and you can address all correspondence to

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