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4.1 Supplemental Homeworks for CSCI 0170
4.2 Homeworks for CSCI 0190

4 Assignments

All assignments will be due at 11:59pm of the indicated day.

4.1 Supplemental Homeworks for CSCI 0170

Befor you can take this course, you must complete all the homeworks (until this course begins) of CSCI 0170 with high grades and all of the following supplemental homeworks with high grades. This is never going to be easy, and at the beginning it may be especially difficult, so don’t despair too soon! But by the last of these if you find the pace is still far too great for you, then you may find CSCI 0170 a better course for you than 0190 for the rest of the semester.

Important handin information: Use

cs019_supp_handin {flags,filesystem,rocket,sortacle}

to hand in the following supplemental assignments.

The supplemental assignments are due as follows:



Date Out


Date Due



Fri, 09/06


Thu, 09/12



Fri, 09/13


Thu, 09/19



Fri, 09/20


Thu, 09/26



Fri, 09/27


Thu, 10/03

(When an assignment is unchanged from last year, the link will go to the 2012 Web site.)

4.2 Homeworks for CSCI 0190

The regular assignments for CSCI 0190 will be posted through an online programming environment, with links posted to the class mailing list.

The assignments are due as follows:



Date Out


Date Due

Introduction to Pyret


Fri, 10/04


Sun, 10/06



Mon, 10/07


Thu, 10/10



Fri, 10/11


Thu, 10/17



Fri, 10/18


Thu, 10/24

Brown Heaps


Fri, 10/25


Thu, 10/31



Fri, 11/01


Thu, 11/07



Fri, 11/08


Thu, 11/14



Fri, 11/15


Sun, 11/24

Tour Guide


Mon, 11/25


Thu, 12/05

Seam Carving


Fri, 12/06


Thu, 12/12