Programming with
Data Structures and Algorithms

Flags Supplement

The world is full of countries, each with its own unique identifier, in the form of a beautiful flag. Your job is to create the flags of the following countries by composing shapes onto a scene.

Example: Japan.

        (circle 35 "solid" "red")
	    100 50
	    (rectangle 200 100 "solid" "white"))

Note: You can use either place-image or overlay to position your images, it is up to you.

The Teachpack

In order to use the functions place-image, rotate, and other goodies that we've included, you will be wanting to add a special image-processing teachpack called You can find it in the Add Teachpack menu, (Language/Add Teachpack) in the HtDP/2e section, in the center of the screen. You will find the documentation to be useful.

The CS17 teachpack will conflict with, so uninstall while working with the images.

How to turn it in: