Welcome to A Bridge to Computer Science!

The Bridge Course was held in the summers of 1997 and 1998

Goal of the Bridge Course

The intention of this program was to introduce incoming minority freshmen to the field of computer science. Brown professors, students, and staff presented lectures and gave project demonstrations. In 1998, program leaders Catherine Kwei and Lisa Cozzens taught the basics of UNIX (the operating system used in the computer science department at Brown) as well as of HTML (the language used to write Web pages such as this one) and JavaScript (a simple programming language). Field trips included visits to the Computer Museum and Boston Museum of Science. In 1998, the Bridge course was inaugurated with program leaders Danah Beard and Andrea Tartaro. The course was overseen both years by the STC Outreach Director, Anne Spalter and also by then STC Director, Andries van Dam.

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1998 Bridge Course Activities