Steven P. Reiss


My general academic interest is programming and I do a lot of that.  I currently have 7 monitors (and 2 laptops) in my office on a variety of Linux, Windows and Mac machines with significant memory and disk to support this.  My interests outside of computers include gardening (mostly for vegetables), hiking on Cape Cod, softball, and clocks.  In addition to the pinball machine in the department which I programmed and created the hardware for, I have an extensive model railroad layout which I am slowly automating.  I live in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

My eldest son, Frederick, is a researcher at IBM Almaden.  My second son, Charles, is on the CS faculty at the University of Virginia.  My daughter, Valerie, is on the staff at GTRI at Georgia Tech.

Note that I do not do social media. 

Snail Mail 
Box 1910, Department of Computer Science, Brown University, Providence RI 02912-1910
401-863-7641 (office)
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Last updated: March 17, 2021