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Electronic Classrooms
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Web Hosting
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Groupware [top]

Comp Groupware FAQ
The unOfficial Yellow Pages of CSCW (the original url appears to have been nuked, alas!)
Desktop Videoconferencing Product Survey
The MIT Center for Coordination Science
WWW Collaboration Projects
CSCW Directory
ECSCW '95 -- Home page
Agent Info
CSRS - An Egret-based system for software review
EGRET - An Exploratory Group Work Environment
IBM Person to Person Development
Video Conferencing Reading List
GroupKit Home Page
GroupKit Home Page
Consensus Development
CSCW Bibliography
Directory of /pub/rtfm/comp/groupware
Multi-User Editor Index
wOrlds: An Open Environment for Support of Collaborative Activities
Eden Systems "The Meeting Room"
Evaluation of cooperative systems project
Tom Brinck's CSCW Links

WWW [top]

World-Wide Web Home
Web Technology Surveys
WWW Stuff (mindsource)
WWW Authoring Information
Writing HTML - a tutorial from
WML Web Meta Language
Colormix free web-safe color dithering
Netcraft web server survey, etc...
Icons, Clip Art
Icons for Use in WWW HTML Documents
Web Clip Art
Web Design
A List Apart Jakob Nielsen's Website thoughtful web design commentary
WebTechniques a web 'zine for designers and developers
Wow Web Designs
AnyBrowser Pages
Web Style Guide online book
Web Design Group guides, links
The HTML Writers Guild lists, resources
Developer Shed Open source web development
Open Source Web Design (OSWD), a design community
/CSS/ - a guide for the unglued
Web Admin
The US Domain - free apache refcard
MOMspider web maintenance tool
Checkbot ditto
Squishdot zope-based weblog software
The Web Robots Pages
App Servers java web app server another java web app server separates html from servelets

Big Hubs & Search Tools [top]

All-In-One Internet Search
World-Wide Web Servers
NCSA Mosaic Demo Document
GNN Home Page
WebCrawler Searching
The Internet goodies
The InterNIC InfoGuide Home Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: World-Wide Web Development
The Whole Internet Catalog
Yahoo - A Guide to WWW
Introduction to ALIWEB
Virtual Library/CyberWeb: WWW Development
Information Bank Home Page

Algorithm Animation [top]

Zeus and Algorithm Animation at DEC SRC
HCI at Tampere, Algorithm animation
gatech - GVU Center -- Software Visualization
Parallel Algorithm Animation at CMU
Software Visualization links from
Algorithm Animation (UCLA)
World-Wide algorithm animation - WWW'94 full paper
AGAT: Another Graphical Animation Tool
Students' Use of Animations for Algorithm Understanding - CHI'95

Electronic Classrooms [top]

Readings on Learning and Technology
Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia University
Education World
Electronic Classroom Bibliography
Better Education, Inc. Interesting tools for improving lectures
Internet Technology Laboratory at Rutgers
Spectrum Industries - furniture
Classroom of the Future (an actual classroom).
Classroom 2000 at Georgia Tech

Linux [top]

The Linux Home Page a page of links
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Standard Base
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
The Hungry Programmers
The Linux Journal
The Linux Gazette
The Open Hardware Certification Program
Java-Linux Blackdown
Linux Shopping Mall (WGS)
Net Express - a good place to buy high-end PCs with linux preloaded
Google Linux Search
Linux Standard Base
Linux Weekly News
Linux Center a thematic index of linux links
Linux on Laptops
A Story about getting a refund for an unwanted, preinstalled OS (refund center)
The Beowulf Underground
GRASS Open Source GIS
TuneLinux.COM Tips on Performance Tuning Linux interesting gpl projects
Devtective - search kernel docs for device support
virus research
Simple End User Linux (SEUL)
GNU DigiWb Driver linux driver for Virtual Ink's Mimio whiteboard capture device.
Linux Home Automation Project
Video Disk Recorder GPL'd PVR Software
OSA Foundation Mitch Kapor's non-profit - building Chandler an oss PIM
Linux Public Broadcasting Network
The Linux Wacom Project crispy CD images
Linuxmafia Knowledgebase
Instalinux Custom install disks
Debian, in general
Debian GNU/Linux
Debian GNU/Linux: The Past, the Present and the Future
Debian Advantages HOWTO
Debian Help Slash-style Debian site
Some unofficial Debian packages
The Debian Linux User's Guide
Kernel Cousin Debian debian-devel digest
Debian Planet Slash-style weblog
Alien Also, a comparison of package formats OpenOffice info is here
XFree86 Strike Force aka Branden Robinson
PGI - the Progeny Graphical Installer
The Importance of Being Debian Linux Magazine article
Debian Repository How-To
Why is package X not in testing yet? Search unofficial APT repositories
Linuxmafia Knowledgebase - Debian
Install Debian using Knoppix
Debian Linux Kernel Handbook
Nexenta OS Debian/GNU on OpenSolaris
Debian device driver lookup
Unattended Install of Debian GNU/Linux:
Yasdi - Yet Another Simple Debian Installation
FAI (Fully Automated Installation)
NAIS (Network Automated Installation System)
VA SystemImager
Automating new Debian installations with preseeding
Free Online Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC)
Linux in Education
Open Source Schools
Linux in Higher Education: Open Source, Open Minds, Social Justice (Linux Journal Article)
Why should open source software web used in schools? (w/links to other pages)
Porting to Linux
IBM Solaris->Linux Porting Guide

Alternative OSs [top]


Mac [top]

OSX Guide
Mac OS X Hints
Mac News Network
Fink Debian for Mac OSX
The Metapkg Alliance Fink, Gentoo & DarwinPorts

Security [top]

Debian Security -- Mailing List Archive
Linux Security
SANS Security Reading Room -- Top 20 Attacks
Coffer's MAC Address Lookup
IEEE's MAC Address Lookup
Incident Response
CERT's Steps for Recovering...
Responding to Security Incidents from Building Internet Firewalls, Ch 13

Freedom [top]

Affect Fight UCITA
Free Software License Quick Reference
Open Data Format Initiative
Free Books
Project Gutenberg
Blackmask Online (formatted)
Open Archives Initiative
Univ of Texas' policy regarding software copyright (it's GPL-friendly)

Privacy [top]

Spam Gourmet instant, disposable email addresses bypass website logins

Programming [top]

The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
Interface Hall of Shame Amusing look at what's wrong with popular UI's.
For Kids:
The Logo Foundation

X Window System [top]

MAS - Media Application Server
Window Managers

GIS [top] a directory of free GIS software
GRASS GPL'd GIS system
Slashdot thread on FreeGIS
Directions Magazine

Multimedia [top]

Linux Movies Group
DeMuDi The Debian Multimedia Distribution

Calendaring [top]

UW Calendar a promising calendar server project
Calendar Store Brain Dump from LaughingMeme oss calendar server and more
Open Source Applications Foundation, and Chandler

Sysadmin [top] (the BugTraq people)
Nessus a security scanner
cfengine (Configuration Engine)
The Honeynet Project System security and forensic analysis
The Shmoo Group Security Site
Unix Rosetta Stone
Linux IP Guide to IP Layer Network Admin w/Linux
LDAP info
OpenLDAP and Postgresql
OpenLDAP-Postgresql HOWTO
LDAP name resolution HOWTO for Debian systems
LDAP Browser/Editor
GQ, a GTK-based LDAP client
JXplorer LDAP browser
LABE a web interface
addrbook another web interface
rolodap and another web interface
Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to serve Linux and Samba users
Self-signed SSL Certificate HOWTO also here

Web Hosting [top]

WebHosting Talk

PC Hardware [top]

Tom's Hardware Guide
Ars Technica
Sharky Extreme
The Tech Report
Jef Poskanzer's guide to building a custom PC
Build your own 1U, half-width server
Case, Etc Case mod stuff
7 Volts PC mods (incl quiet)
Void Your Warranty More mod stuff
Alltronics Component Supply
Linux Router Project
CPU Info Center
Sandisk Flashdrive
LHD Motherboards Superguide
Linux Hardware Database - laptops
Cogon Computer Fairs Schedule local computer shows
Building a Quiet PC
PC Power & Cooling, Inc. How to Build a Quiet PC
OCShoot: Building a Quiet PC
Silent PC Review
How To Build a Silent PC from HardwareCoreWare
Notebook Review
UniX with Mobile Computers
Networking Hardware
Practical Networking Information and hardware reviews
Cheap File Servers
A low-cost terabyte file server
TeraByte File Server Project (Ashford Computer Consulting)
Fermi Lab Terabyte File Server Project
SmythCo Terabyte Servers
Another teraserver project
Small, Quiet, Low-Power Server Platforms

Wireless [top]

Wireless LAN Resources for Linux
StarTalk Connect to your Motorola StarTac phone
Extended StarTAC AT Command Set Information & Utility

Java [top]

Sun archive
Gamelan archive
Java Applet Rating Service
Toba: A Java-to-C translator
Java shared applications
JCampus online community for educators using Java.

Maps [top]

Tiger Mapping Service, US Census Bureau
Map Blast!
Mapquest (city guides)
Yahoo Maps (uses Map Blast)
AAA Map'n'Go, CyberRouter
RI DEM Map Server

Google Maps Explained

Saab [top]

Saab USA
Saab Central
The Saab Network
Swedish Wrench

Rhode Island [top]

Old House [top]

Natl Parks Service Historic Preservation Policy Briefs
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation FAQ Parks Service Briefs (same as above)

Money [top]



RTFM (alt: uunet, aol)


IBC: Internet Business Center

Bibliographic Services [top]

A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies available on the Internet
The HCI Bibliography Project

Random Cool Things [top]

Make Your Own Bush Speech
Famous Fonts instantly recognizable free true type fonts
Random Name Generator generates random names from census data
Home Powerwind and solar
Internet Movie Database
PING map
The Best of WWW Contest
Virtual Tourist ( Map Interface )
Kaleidospace Independent Internet Artists
Internet Underground Music Archive
Frog Dissection Kit Info Page
Northpole.Net - Santa's Home
Personalized Action Figures
Interview Riddles
More Tech Interview Questions and answers..
flooble::perplexus more puzzles
Micro Helicopter
Mikado Model R/C Helicopters
MS Composit Heli's
Airborne Video
Draganflyer III w/eyecam!
Helistar Micro - LH35

Media [top]


WIRED Magazine's Rest Stop on the Infobahn
3W - The Internet with a Human Face
Mother Jones
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
GNN Magazine (Issue Two)
PC Week


Brown Alumni Monthly
The Brown Daily Herald's Heraldsphere
Palo Alto Weekly Home Page
The Gate (SF Chronicle & Examiner)
San Francisco Free Press

Universities [top]

American Universities (all of them)

Government [top] show me the money


City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
City of Palo Alto
City of Boulder
City of Sunnyvale, California
Technopolis Evanston an ambitious city-wide networking project


State of Texas Services via World Wide Web
Texas Secretary of State Home Page
Hawaii Visitor Bureau
California Electronic Government Information


Welcome to the White House
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page
Senate Gopher server
The Department of the Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
United States Geological Survey-HTTP Server-Home Page
National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server
United States Department of Justice Home Page
Consumer Information Center
Supreme Court Decisions
The Federal Judicial Center Home Page


1994 Minnesota General Elections Results
1994 California General Election
Time Magazine - Election Info


C-SPAN Gopher
Government & NII
pointers to about 130 government gophers

Politics [top]

Air America Radio Al Franken & Co.
Billionaires for Bush
Media Matters David Brock
FundRace 2004 who's giving to whom?
Smirking Chimp

Activism [top]


Organizations [top]

Electronic Frontier Foundation
CSD Home Page
Andrew Consortium Home Page
UniForum WWW Server Home Page
X Consortium welcome document
The Center for Civic Networking
ACE Gopher server
Americans Communicating Electronically
Usenix Association Home Page
Computer-Mediated Communication Studies Center
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server
Internet Society Home Page
League Of Women Voters of Iowa Home Page
League of Conservation Voters
The Cypherpunks Home Page
The Web Society
The Center for Democracy and Technology


Ocean State FreeNet (OSFN) (via telnet)
The Public Dialup Internet Access List (PDIAL)
Chebucto FreeNet Home Page
The Free-Nets Home Page
Welcome to the Twin Cities Free-Net

Tech Reports [top]

UCSTRI -- Cover Page
Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites
Papers from the Computer Science Department, City University
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)
MIT Document Services' Resource Page

Projects [top]

Remote file
Willow Information Center
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Multicast Backbone (MBONE) (or CogSci Library Search (example refdbms gateway)
DIMUND Document Image Understanding Information Server
Xanadu Home Page
Gwydion (and Dylan) Home Page
Ygl Version 2.7 Description
MBONE Home Page
Remote file
WATERS Global Service Home Page
S-HTTP draft spec from EIT/RSA
The FVWM Homepage
Ygl Version 2.8 Description


Perl FAQ
The Perl 5 Module List Perl Archive
Tom C's Perl Archive
A Basic Introduction to Perl
CPAN (other North American mirrors:,,, )
The Perl Journal
Perl Language Page
Perl Monks' The Monastery Gates Searchable Wizardry
Gtk-Perl Tutorial

Things I Need [top]

Back Care Basics sells Stokke furniture in the U.S.

Unsorted [top]

Got|Apex rebates, deals online
Dennis beaches
NetBSD/hpcmips unix for nec mobilepro
Planet StarChild
Book Stacks Unlimited
Washington University FTP Archive
Back Be Nimble
Computer and Communications Links
Stretching and Flexibility
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
Virtual Vineyards
Columbia University: Project Bartleby
Urban Legends
Toastmasters International
Picons Archive
OMG Home Page
Message-Passing Interface
The Rise of ``Worse is Better''
CyberKids Home
Catalog of Free Compilers
Olestra Haiku
PubScience Searchable, online science and technology literature
Yatta watch this once a day