Professor and Head TAs

Seny can be reached at The Head TAs can be reached at

See below to find out more information about the HTAs, including class year, concentration, and favorite course at Brown!

  • Professor: Seny Kamara (seny)

    HTA: Devanshi Nishar (dnishar) '18, Computer Science, ANTH 1221: Anthropology of Masculinity

    HTA: Kei Nakagawa (knakagaw) '17, Computer Science and Psychology, CLPS 0220: Making Decisions

    HTA: Surbhi Madan (sm15) '17, Computer Science, POBS 1740: Artful Teaching

    HTA: Wesley Herts (wh7) '17, Computer Science, SOC 1872B: Sociology of Money


For all questions, please either post on Piazza or email the TA list at For grading complaints, please visit the TA during their hours or e-mail them.

See below to find out more information about the UTAs, including class year, concentration, and favorite course at Brown!

  • Alejandro Molina (amolinaa) '17

    CS - Economics

    FREN 0100: Basic French

  • Brian Lee (bl58) '18

    CS - Economics

    ECON 1720: Corporate Finance

  • Chantal Toupin (ctoupin) '19

    CS & History

    PHP 0030: Health of Hispaniola

  • Dara Storer (dstorer) '18


    ENVS0110: Humans, Nature, and the Environment

  • Elaine Jiang (ejiang1) '19

    Computer Science

    GNSS 0120: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality

  • Hannah Tipperman (htipperm) '19

    Computer Science

    CLPS 0200: Human Cognition


  • Justine Breuch (jbreuch) '18

    CS & English

    ENGL 1561V: Literature of the American Renaissance

  • Jewel Brown (jbrown2) '19

    CS & Theatre Arts

    SIGN 0100-0200: American Sign Language I,II

  • Jonathan Chemburkar (jchembur) '19

    Applied Math-Economics & CS

    ENGL 0310E: Shakespeare: The Screenplays

  • June Ge (jge3) '19

    Electrical Engineering

    ENGN 0520: Circuits and Signals


  • Katie Chu (kchu) '19

    Applied Math - CS

    PHIL 0540: Logic


  • Kaila Jeter (kjeter1) '19

    Computer Science

    CSCI 0160: Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Kuang Long, Marcus Yeo (kyeo1) '19

    Computer Science

    ENGL 0930: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

  • Laura Blackstone (lblackst) '19

    Math - CS or Geophysics

    MATH 1580: Cryptography


  • Lauren Ho (lho1) '19

    Computer Science

    TAPS 0030: Introduction ot Acting and Directing

  • Michael Chen (mchen16) '19

    Computer Engineering

    MUSC 0200: Computers and Music


  • Montana Fowler (mfowler) '19

    CS & Visual Art

    HIST 0150C: Locked Up: A Global History of Prison and Captivity

  • Nia Sanders (nsanders) '19

    CS & Performance Studies

    PHIL 0030: Skepticism and Knowledge

  • Rachel Teller (rteller) '18

    CS & English

    ENGL 0930: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

  • Reca Sarfati (rsarfati) '18

    CS & Math-Economics

    CSCI 1570: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  • Sophia Hsiao (shsiao) '18

    Computer Science

    INTL 1803K: Media Wars: The Middle East

  • Sarah Kim (skim6) '19

    Computational Biology

    KREA 0100: Introduction to Korean


  • Sophie Saskin (ssaskin) '19

    CS & Italian Studies

    ITAL 1580: Word, Image, and Power in Renaissance Italy

  • Tristin Falk-LeFay (tfalklef) '19

    Applied Math - CS

    SWOL 9000: Nutrition For Fitness & Physical Activity

  • Yuchen Lucy Huang (yh76) '18

    Computer Science

    HIST 1140: Japanese Urban Culture in the Early Modern Period

  • Zach Kirschenbaum (zkirsche) '19

    Computer Science

    CSCI 0220: Intro to Discrete Structures and Probability