OFFICE HOURS: Refer to the calendar below for the most up-to-date TA hours. Seny's office hours are accessible here through Zoom on Mondays from 3-5pm. Doug's office hours are in CIT 317. Please do not hesistate to reach out to the head TAs at if you have any questions about hours.

You can find TA-hour sign ups on SignMeUp.

Professor Athletes

Doug Woos

New Haven, VT


Seny Kamara

New York City, NY


HTA Athletes

Amy Pu

Randolph, NJ

Junior - Computer Science

I'm a dope HTA without a bio :D

Andy Zhu

Lincoln, NE

Junior - APMA-Econ

Hi! I'm a junior studying APMA-Econ from the Midwest. I'm involved in Hack@Brown, enjoy watching sports and hanging out with friends. Welcome to CS16! PC: mtrieben

Prakrit Baruah


Senior - Computer Science

Hey, I'm Prakrit! I'm from Assam, India but I grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore. I watch cricket religiously, can cook a mean bolognese, and love reading.

Stephanie Zhang

Seattle, WA

Senior - Computer Science & Comparative Literature

Hi, I'm Stephanie! I'm a senior studying CS and comparative literature. Outside of school, I spend a lot of my time dancing on Fusion Dance Company, baking food, doing yoga, and playing board games with my friends! Welcome to CS16!

TA Athletes

Ankush Bajaj

Oak Brook, IL

Senior - Neuroscience

Howdy! My name is Ankush. I'm a premed student interested in problems lying at the intersection of computer science and biomedicine. I spend a lot of my time watching movies and television! (currently watching Community)

Andrew Kopplin

Albany, NY

Junior - Computer Science & Biology

I am a junior concentrating in CS and Biology. I took CS16 last year as a sophomore. Outside of CS I am captain of the club hockey team.

Ambika Miglani


Junior - Computer Science & MCM

Hi I'm Ambika! Some of my hobbies include making music videos, cooking, and perpetually attempting to start DJ-ing. You can mostly find me drinking copious amounts of tea and defrosting in the UEL!

Ben Silverman

Evanston, IL

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hey! I'm a sophomore from Chicago studying CS. I also love filmmaking and photography - you should join Brown Motion Pictures! Hit me up with your favorite Coldplay song! 😊

Cecilia Vogler

New York City, NY

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hi! My name is Cece and I'm a sophomore studying computer science. When I'm not in CIT, I love baking, playing music, and binge watching rom coms. Looking forward to a great semester with you guys!

Wambui Waweru

Thika, Kenya

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hey! I'm Wambui. I am a free spirited girl who enjoys good choreography videos, tea and yoga. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Gabriela Asuncion

Moraga, CA

Junior - Computer Science

Hey I'm Gabby and I have a deep passion for pho and Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists. You might find me dancing, watching cooking shows (shoutout to Great British Baking Show), or planking around the CIT.

Georgia Gallant

New York City, NY

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hi! I’m a CS (and potentially public policy) concentrator from NY. I’m super passionate about everything related to technology for social good. I’m always down for an outdoor adventure, love forcing myself to be incredibly uncomfortable, and my favorite word is fatuous! Reach out! Always LOVE to help :)!

Ifechi Ilozor

Ann Arbor, MI

Sophomore - CS & APMA-Econ

Hi, I'm Ifechi! I enjoy eating food and going down Youtube rabbit holes. On any given weekday, you'll find me in the line for Andrews pho.

Ivan Pineda-Dominguez

Albuquerque, NM

Sophomore - Computer Science

What’s up, Everyone! My name is Ivan Pineda-Dominguez and I am a sophomore studying CS. Outside of TA’ing for CS16 I am a part of the Mosaic+ community at Brown and one of my current hobbies is learning to skateboard. Hope you all have a great time in CS16 this year!

Jack Dermer

New York City, NY

Sophomore - Computer Science & Cognitive Science

Hi! I’m a sophomore studying CS and Cognitive Science. When I'm not slurping ramen or killin' the rap game, I'm doing lighting design for the TAPS department and dance companies at Brown!

Jason Fischman

Newton, MA

Junior - CS-Econ

Hi! I'm Jason and I'm a junior from Newton, MA studying CS-Econ.

Jason Whang

San Antonio, TX

Junior - Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizations: Tech Management

"J-okes are my favorite...literally laugh at everything
A-lways down to ball up
S-leeps anytime, anywhere
O-: --> my face when I see food
N-trepreneur wannabe"

Jessica Gonzalez

Los Angeles, CA

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hey! My name is Jessica and I am a sophomore from LA concentrating in CS, with a focus in visual computing. I love to paint and discover new music. Share your playlists with me! :)

Jessy Ma

Dublin, OH

Junior - CS & Environmental Studies

Hi! I'm Jessy, one of the ethics TAs! I love drawing, dancing, taking naps everywhere, and eating vegetables.

Jordan Hartzell

Lewisburg, PA

Junior - APMA-CS

Hey, I'm Jordy! Catch me rock climbing or giving campus tours. I took a year off between CS15 + 16 - ask me about taking a break from CS!

Joungbihn Park

Seoul, Korea

Sophomore - CS-Econ

Hi, I’m a sophomore studying CS-Econ. I grew up in Korea, the U.S., Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines. Excited to meet y’all!

Kalvin Lam

San Jose, CA

Senior - Computer Science

hey I'm Kalvin. I love alpacaz & boba :)) In my free time, I like playing basketball, soccer, and learning new languages. Pls say hi to me! I dont bite i promise lol

Katherine Sang

Oak Park, IL

Junior - Computer Science

Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm interested in data science, illustration, and making useless web apps. Ask me about RISD wintersession or combining cs + art. You can find me lasercutting cat magnets in the BDW or photoshopping myself to Appear Athletic in staff photos.

Kendrick Tan


Junior - APMA-CS & Philosophy

Ice cream, potato chips, fire noodles, basketball, machine learning, superheroes, Dwyane Wade, stacks and queues

Luna Ito-Fisher

Los Angeles, CA

Junior - Computer Science

Hi I'm Luna! Within CS, I'm most interested in social impact tech, and in particular have been focused on healthcare tech lately. Otherwise, I enjoy surfing, photography, doing puzzles, and cooking gluten-free food.

Lucy Qu

New York City, NY

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hi! I'm Lucy and I'm a sophomore concentrating in computer science with an interest in visual arts and design. Some of my favorite things include exploring new food places, walking around the city, and going down rabbit holes on the internet.

Lina Ruimin Sim

Penang, Malaysia

Senior - Computer Science

Hi I'm Lina! I grew up on a tiny island in Malaysia and went to high school (UWC) in Armenia before coming to Brown. I'm a Hufflepuff obsessed with Avatar, the Last Airbender. I also TA-ed CS15 a lot of times.

Mikey Abela

Easton, MA

Junior - Computer Science

Hi! I'm super into data viz, UI/UX, animation, theater and filmmaking (I've taken a lot of MCM/VISA courses). I also didn't start CS until I was a sophomore :)

Martin Chu

Hong Kong

Junior - CS-ECON

Hi everyone! I am a junior from Hong Kong studying CS-Econ. Outside of school, I love playing basketball and FIFA, watching Netflix, and eating Sour Patch Kids. Welcome to CS16!

Madison Sampleton

Anchorage, AK

Senior - Public Health & Computer Science

hey everyone! on campus, I'm involved in Mosaic+ and Skorts Sketch Comedy. i recently became obsessed with tik tok so please send good content my way ((: hope you enjoy cs16!!

Marina Triebenbacher

Westchester, NY

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hey! My name is Marina! I'm a sophomore studying CS, and when I'm not living in the CIT, you can find me drinking copious amounts of coffee in the Blue Room or watching Brooklyn 99. I love to talk, so reach out if you wanna grab coffee with me :)

Olivia Orrell-Jones

Los Angeles, CA

Senior - Computer Science

Hi, my name is Olivia! Ask me about about WiCS or entrepreneurship. I enjoy cooking, reading, and binging something on Netflix.

Ravikiran Kandula

Old Bridge, NJ

Junior - APMA-CS

Hi, I’m Ravi. You’ll either catch me playing Spikeball or asleep in scili basement.

Ian Maloney

Washington, D.C.

Junior - CS-ECON

Hi I’m Ian Maloney. I love watching Worldstar to stay informed with what’s going on. If I’m not watching Worldstar, I’m either sleeping, playing video games on my PS4, or at the Sunlab. Join my clan on clash Royale (buhganing) !

Sarang Mani

Bangalore, India

Junior - A.B. Engineering & A.B. Economics

Fan of space (both outer and personal). Because space was cool before it mattered. Just making the cos-most of my days by Nep-tuning the haterz out.

Sally Zhi

Rutland, MA

Sophomore - Computer Science & Neuroscience

Hi, my name is Sally. I'm a sophomore concentrating in CS and (maybe) neuroscience, and when I'm not in the CIT you'll probably find me trying new restaurants on Thayer, playing piano, or watching kdramas! Feel free to reach out :)

Tanushri Sundar

Bay Area, CA

Junior - Computer Science & Cognitive Science

Hi my name is Tanushri! I like cold pizza with pineapples and hate doing my laundry. I am excited to spend lots of time with everyone in the CIT.

Tzion Jones

Philadelphia, PA

Sophomore - International Relations & Computer Science

What’s good? My name’s Tzion (rhymes with Lion). If you’ve ever watched Black Mirror and/or The Great Hack on Netflix, find me and let’s geek out about it. My hobbies include coding and waiting for Jos to put wings back on the menu.

Tony Wang


Junior - APMA-CS

Hi, my name is Tony. Some of my hobbies are playing badminton and skiing. I like to start learning random stuff when I am free.

William Buerger

Pittsburgh, PA

Sophomore - Computer Science

Hey hey! My name is Will, and I'm a sophomore CS concentrator from Pittsburgh. Outside CS, I love getting involved with theatre on campus, eating anything with peanut butter, and reading Harry Potter. Feel free to reach out - I'm always down to chat especially if it's about food (or cs I guess)!

Holly Zheng

I call both Beijing and Massachusetts home :)

Sophomore - Computer Science & Linguistics

Languages fascinate me. Mystery novels distract me for hours. Catch me playing my clarinet in an on-campus theater production's pit band!