Class JdslNumber


public class JdslNumber
extends java.lang.Object

All operations return downcasted Numbers (most efficient use of space) and take in downcasted input. 1 and 0 should be Integers. As long as this class is used for arithmetic operations, we should have the most efficient use of space and time as we avoid using BigIntegers as much as possible. Not having downcasted input is fine, as there have been checks (a comparison) to force a downcasted result. The checks are made for "int" passed in accidentally as "Long". Supposedly, there should be no need for this check, but it is there for "security" purposes, as one inequality operation is not costly. Note: having an int or long as a BigInteger won't cause any crashes but will be extremely inefficient. Any operations that are performed through this class will remain efficient so it is the user's responsibility to not use BigIntegers as inputs unless 1) it is necessary, or 2) JdslNumber returned a BigInteger. Numbers are implicitly assumed to be either Integers, or Longs, or BigIntegers. It is the user's responsability not to pass Bytes, Shorts, Floats, Doubles, or BigDecimals.

$Id: JdslNumber.java,v 1.1 2000/03/06 21:32:17 lv Exp $
Masi Oka (mao), Luca Vismara (lv)

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public JdslNumber()