CS237: Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization
Fall 2012

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* as "VR Design for Science" (Brown/RISD), now CS137

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Tue/Thu 1-2:20
CIT Building, Room 506

staff Prof. David Laidlaw (TA) Steve Gomez
reach us dhl@cs.brown.edu
office Brown CIT 521 Brown CIT 423

Learn how to do interdisciplinary scientific visualization research, from soup to nuts, in one semester. Projects will involve the solution of scientific problems using computer graphics, modeling, and visualization. Working in small groups, students will identify scientific problems, propose solutions involving computational modeling and visualization, evaluate the proposals, design and implement the solutions, apply them to the problems, evaluate their success, and report on results. Examples might include interactive software systems, immersive CAVE applications, quantitative analysis tools, or new applications of existing visualizations methods.

Suggested prerequisites: programming experience, some graphics experience, and problem ideas.

Permission of the instructor required.