Machine Learning (CSCI 1950-F/ENGN 2520)

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Students may discuss and work on homework problems in groups. However, each student must write down their solutions independently. All of the work submitted should be your own. Each student should write on the problem set the set of people with whom they collaborated.

Homework 1
Due Friday February 8 by 4pm
Data for programming assignment

Homework 2
Due Friday February 15 by 4pm
Data for programming assignment

Homework 3
Due Friday March 1 by 4pm
Optimization package -- See README inside zip file for instructions on how to use it.

Homework 4 was not assigned.
It can be used to obtain graduate credit in cs195f.
It is due before the final exam date.

Homework 5
Due Friday March 15 by 4pm
Extension to Monday March 18 by 4pm
Sentence data

Homework 6
Due Wednesday April 17 by 4pm

Homework 7
Due Monday April 29 by 4pm
Data for assignment