Student Projects

Below, you will find project groups with their completed projects.

Members Topic Submission
Brandon Wen Loong Chia
Lina Lalwani
Asian American Data Disaggregation Link
Sam Greenberg
Daniel Youkilis
Ethan Shire
MLB Team Pitching Improvement: Analytical Comparison of the 2014 and 2017 Seasons Link
Min Jeong Kang
Christie Gahm
Speed Dating Link
Wen Wen
Arrya Luo
Airbnb Around the World Link
Julia Rock
Eve Zelickson
Exploring Consumer Complaints Data Link
Rachel Danner
Trisha Jain
HIV Rates in USA Link
Ekin Uner

Youtube Link
Abby Draper
Sean Manning
Demographics and Presidential Elections Link
Charlie Holtz
Michael Danello
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fake (News)! Link
Zachery Emrich
Eugy Han
Morgan Demmler
New York City Taxis Link
Elaine Hsu
Hattie Xu
Analysis of Billboard's Top 100 Songs and Lyrics (1964-2015) Link
Franklin Young
Jenny Bui
Gotta Catch Em All: Analyzing the First 721 Pokemon of the Pokedex Link
Daniel Park

Chess Analysis Link
Christian Dosdos
Vladimir Borodin
Asfandyar Azhar
Stuck on the Tarmac: Predicting Flight Delays Link
Joseph Asbel
Matilda Lynton
Benjamin Warner
How Subjective are Restaurant Ratings? Link
Sam Hainbach
Jordan Kranzler
Anne Prusky
Jews in America: An Analysis of the Beliefs Link
Michael Stanger
Neil Goh
Traffic and Fatality Analysis Link
Nina Diepenbrock
Adam Walden
Oil Consumption Link
Jack Bernier

The United States Obesity Epidemic in Context Link
Alan Tang
Ellen Ling
Chicago Crime Link
Carla Dager
Gabriel Hannon
Gabriel Welp
The Trump Effect Link
Maia Rosenfeld
Sarah Conlisk
Will Hackett
An Exploration of Word Use in Historically Significant Political Discourse Link
Alexandra O’Donnell
Gus VanNewkirk
Music Sentiment & Genres Link
Jardelle Johnson
Cameron Keegan
Gun Control: Which Factors Most Influence Opinion? Link
Kimberly Yan
Alec Mehr
Trump Tweets Link