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JDSL Revision History

The JDSL Team

This page documents changes made in the code and documentation of each JDSL release. It logs modifications such as bug fixes, interface updates, code optimizations, and changes in documentation.

JDSL 2.1.1

  • Retrofitted exceptions with constructors that take a java.lang.Throwable cause
  • Updated Javadoc documentation

JDSL 2.1

  • Changed license and distribution policy
  • Updated Javadoc documentation
  • Deprecated jdsl.core.ref.Assertion and jdsl.core.ref.AssertionException
  • Modified jdsl.core.api.Decorable and jdsl.core.ref.HashtableDecorable: added method attributes()

JDSL 2.0.6

  • Updated Javadoc documentation
  • Fixed a bug in jdsl.core.ref.RedBlackTree
  • Fixed a bug in jdsl.graph.algo.IntegerDijkstraPathfinder

JDSL 2.0.5

  • Updated Javadoc documentation
  • Fixed a bug in jdsl.graph.algo.IntegerDijkstraTemplate
  • Removed jdsl.graph.algo.Pathfinder
  • Modified jdsl.graph.algo.IntegerDijkstraTemplate: added methods distance(.), getEdgeToParent(.), isFinished(.), isReachable(.) and cleanup(.); removed method badWeight(.)
  • Modified jdsl.graph.algo.IntegerDijkstraPathfinder: removed methods sourceVertexForThisQuery(.), parentForThisQuery(.), shortestPathFound(.) and cleanup(.); removed incremental behavior
  • Optimized jdsl.core.ref.RedBlackTree method removeAll(.)

JDSL 2.0.4

  • Removed jdsl.graph.algo.InvalidEdgeException
  • Added jdsl.graph.algo.InvalidQueryException

JDSL 2.0.3

  • Updated Javadoc documentation
  • Fixed a bug in jdsl.core.ref.HashtableDictionary
  • Fixed bugs in jdsl.graph.ref.AbstractGraph
  • Modified jdsl.graph.ref.AbstractGraph: removed methods origin(.) and destination(.)
  • Optimized jdsl.core.ref.RedBlackTree

JDSL 2.0.1

  • Initial release of JDSL

Last updated 01 September 2005
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