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This page contains links to various online resources that should be of interest to the JDSL community. If you have created such a resource and would like for it to be listed here, please fill out the form below. If you notice a problem with a posted resource, please send an email, preferably to the author of the resource, or to the JDSL Team if necessary.

Andrew Schwerin, Galina Shubina Biconnected Components April 30, 2000
Benety Goh Skip List November 8, 2000
Galina Shubina Applet for Lesson 7 of the JDSL Tutorial December 13, 2000
Ryan Shaun Baker JDSL Visualizer January 3, 2001
Ulrik Brandes Data Accessors March 20, 2001
Ulrik Brandes Alternative Dijkstra's Algorithm March 20, 2001
Ulrik Brandes All-in-one Tree Traversal March 20, 2001
Marco Gaertler Import/export of LEDA GraphWin files May 10, 2001


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