Q: Get out of the way and just let me at the compiler! Where is it?
A: Here you go!

Q: What is “Whalesong”?
A: That's the new name for the project formerly known as Moby.

Q: What is “Racket”?
A: That's the new name for the Scheme system supported by Moby.

In March 2009 I gave a keynote talk at the International Lisp Conference. The talk was ostensibly about Moby, a Scheme compiler for smartphones (the talk's sub-title was Is That a Parenthesis in Your Pocket?), but I was trying to talk about a much larger set of topics, including Bootstrap, a curricular program, and World, the PLT Scheme system for reactive functional programming.

Here are the slides (PPT, 3.5Mb). For those without PowerPoint, I've uploaded the slides to slideshare. This version misses the animations in the slides, but will still give you the essential content.

Here is the accompanying audio (MP3, 21.8Mb), which you'll need to follow the talk. Warning: the audio is a bit loud because I had the microphone pretty close to me (and was speaking without a room mic to a fairly large room). Start with the volume low!

Near the end of the talk, I refer to a demo. That movie (QuickTime, 1.8Mb) is also on-line.

For more light entertainment, see our handbell choir.

Thanks to Danny Yoo for converting the audio from WMA to MP3 and cleaning it up with Levelator (suggested by Jens Axel Soegaard).