Automatically Restructuring Programs for the Web

Paul T. Graunke, Robert Bruce Findler, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Matthias Felleisen

IEEE International Symposium on Automated Software Engineering, 2001

(Invited to Journal.)


The construction of interactive server-side Web applications differs substantially from the construction of traditional interactive programs. In contrast, existing Web programming paradigms force programmers to save and restore control state between user interactions. We present an automated transformation that converts traditional interactive programs into standard CGI programs. This enables reuse of existing software development methodologies. Furthermore, an adaptation of existing programming environments supports the development of Web programs.


People sometimes mistakenly assume this paper is only about transforming Scheme programs, failing to notice that its ideas apply equally well to other languages. Also, this conference version doesn't discuss many interesting language features. The journal version addresses all these concerns, so please read that instead.



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