Mistress Masham's Repose

T. H. White

Read October 2004

Write a historical novel is tricky. You might offend someone, or run afoul of some over-eager fact-checker. But how about the equivalent based on a fictional world? This is arguably even harder, because you have only a limited description of an artificial world to reconstruct and extend.

This charming novel succeeds with aplomb. It takes up the story of a group of brave Liliputians who have made their home on an abandoned island in a rotting old English country estate. Is is the story of these hardy survivors, an orphaned and mis-treated heiress, her abusers, and a tragic-comic old academic who lives hermit-like on the estate. It has a plot, drama, a touch of terror, and a generous dollop of whimsy. Enjoy it.

Thanks to Trina Avery for lending me this book.