Pat and Kirby go to Hell

Robert Kirby and Pat Bagley

Read June 2005

Who knew the Mormons had resident humorists? (Who other than millions of Mormons, that is?) Kirby (the writer) and Bagley (the cartoonist) contribute to Salt Lake City papers, and produce compilations of their work. Avowed Mormons, they nevertheless present a fairly liberal (the book's title isn't ... go to Heck, after all), tolerant viewpoint. The humor is relatively cliched, but Kirby can turn a good phrase, and Bagley has a good eye. More interestingly, their themes often turn a critical eye toward less tolerant or more onerous church practices—something probably better done from the inside. Thanks to Matthew Flatt (who, I think, felt obliged to play up the Utah cliches) for the book!