Super Car

Mark Christensen

Read July 2003

This is the kind of crazy, passionate, intense book that you rarely read because it's just as rarely written.  Before I opened it, I couldn't have cared less for hot rods.  Within only a few pages, I had an almost irresistable urge to tune into NASCAR, NHRA and drag racing on TV.

Christensen, who doesn't bother to be politically correct (catch his memorable quote on the proper design of computer keyboards), teams up with Nick Pugh, a wildly individualistic car designer who refuses to be sucked into the concept car division of a company, where majoritarian tastes would pollute his vision.  Instead, Christensen contracts Pugh to build a dream car: the best street racer imaginable.  (Pugh has gone on to form a business building personalized concept cars.)  Pugh loathes compromise so much that he is proud to spend big; Christensen goes deep into debt to feed the monster he has created.

Will Pugh compromise?  Will the funds come through?  Will Christensen's family end up on the streets?  Will the car get built?  Will it run?  Read this sloppily edited, typo-ridden adrenaline-fest to find out!