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Gary Kildall

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Gary Kildall was among the pioneers of the microcomputer revolution, only much less recognized. When Tom mentioned him in CS167’s first lecture yesterday, I felt stupid to not know about his contributions outside of compilers area; the reason: Time to get serious. #BTP A photo posted by Kartik Singhal (@k4rtik) on Aug 30, 2012 at 11:19pm PDT That’s right, my undergrad project (BTech Project) was on Global Value Numbering and its foundational framework was laid out by Kildall.


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I don’t really recall why I avoided Java all this while. Few weeks after arriving here at Brown, I learnt Brown is, what they call, a Java school. That’s probably not completely true, but for a vast majority of students that take Andy’s intro class, CS15, it is. I have come to realize it is not such a bad thing (quite the opposite). I remember my first few weeks at college when I was trying to teach myself Java in the CC (whoa, they have a website now!). Read More...

New WebHome!

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New Year, New WebHome I am glad to announce my new address on the Internet. I will try and maintain a dev log here. Happy 2016!