Amir Ilkhechi (Emir)

PhD Student @ Brown University Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I am a full-time PhD student at the Department of Computer Science of Brown University (since 2017) advised by Professor Ugur Cetintemel. I received my first MS degree from Bilkent University in Computer Engineering (2014) and my second MS degree in Computer Science from Duke University.

I am always open to discuss research problems specially on the area of database systems and data science. If you are a graduate or undergraduate student at Brown and interested in hearing about our current projects, please contact me.

When I have a break from my graduate school life, I mostly spend my time on outdoor activities including hiking, cookouts, camping, etc. Also, I like bowling! (it does not mean that I am good at it though)

My Research

My current research falls under the intersection between database systems and machine learning. We apply techniques borrowed from machine learning to achieve tasks such as data compression and natural language to SQL translation. I am always interested in talking about my current and prospective projects, please feel free to contact me if you are interested.


You can find me in the following:

Contact Me

115 Waterman StreetDepartment of Computer Science @ Brown University Providence, RI United States


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