David H. Laidlaw

Professor of Computer Science , Brown University.

Visualization Research Lab

My lab research pages are the best source of information about the research that my group and collaborators do.

Research Interests

My research centers around applications of visualization, computational modeling, computer graphics, and computer science to other scientific disciplines. Particular interests include visualization of multivalued multidimensional imaging data, comparisons of virtual and non-virtual environments for scientific tasks, and applications of art and perception to visualization. I earned my Computer Science PhD from Caltech while working in the graphics group there. My post-doctoral work, also at Caltech, was in the Fraser lab in the Beckman Institute (a part of the Biology division ).
The work of my group, the Visualization Research Lab (VRL), is described in a set of web pages outlining organizing themes, individual projects, people, and other resources.

Some of the projects I am directing and participating in are also described in the scientific visualization pages of the Brown Graphics Group.

Check out the VR Wiki that my cs1951t class has been building.

My CV lists publications, teaching, service, funding, and has links to papers.


 List of all publications at DPLP, and at PubMed

Together with Mark Bastin at U. Edinburg and with support from NIH, we have acquired and made available diffusion MRI data from 80 normal adult volunteers at a range of ages.

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