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the end of an era -- the boys of 191 power graduate
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I'm a class of 2001 Math/Computer Science graduate (really) from Brown. Starting at the end of August, I'll be working in the Solaris kernel team at Sun (the so-called real world).

This past Spring, I continued on as the Sun Lab head consultant and I was the head TA for cs224, the advanced graphics class.

Last Fall, I was one of the head TAs for cs167/169, Brown's amazingly cool operating systems course. Here are some thoughts on that.

Last summer, I worked for the Solaris kernel development team at Sun on a two-pass disassembler that will be integrated into mdb, Sun's assembly-level debugger, new to Solaris 8.

Two summers ago I worked for the graphics group of msr on character animation schemes based on the Verbs & Adverbs work by Chuck Rose. I also began some research info artist directed skinning based on that same work.

I have worked with Nancy Pollard on a technique to improve the efficiency of the msr method fron linear to nearly constant. The results so far have been encouraging, but there is much more work to be done.

I helped develop, TAed and HTAed cs17/18, the new introductory sequence at Brown, for two years. The course was developed under the supervision of Phil Klein (currently on sabbatical) and Leslie Kaelbling (now at MIT) during the summer of 1998 and is now taught by Spike Hughes.

chess, my cs32 final project
environment matting, my cs224 final project

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