Andrew D. Ferguson

Graduate Courses

Spring 2011
CSCI 1380 Distributed Computer Systems
TA for: CSCI 1680 Computer Networks

Spring 2010
CSCI 2580 Solving Hard Problems in Combinatorial Optimization
CSCI 2750 Topics in Parallel and Distributed Computing

Fall 2010
CSCI 1270 Database Management Systems
CSCI 1730 Programming Languages

Fall 2009
CSCI 2950-T Topics in Distributed Databases and Systems
CSCI 2950-U Special Topics on Networking and Distributed Systems
CSCI 2950-W Online Algorithms

Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2008
COS 333 Advanced Programming Techniques
COS 426 Computer Graphics
COS 461 Computer Networks
MOL 437 Computational Neuroscience
ORF 479 Senior Project

Spring 2007
COS 424 Interacting with Data
COS 557 Analysis & Vis. of Large-Scale Genomic Datasets
ELE 396 Introduction to Quantum Computing
HIS 380 The United States and World Affairs
ORF 417 Dynamic Programming

Spring 2006
ECO 101 Macroeconomics
ECO 310 Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
ORF 307 Optimization
ORF 335 Introduction to Financial Engineering

Spring 2005
CHM 233 Integrated, Quantitative Intro to Natural Sciences II
CHM 234 Integrated, Quantitative Intro to Natural Sciences II
ECO 100 Microeconomics
PHI 201 Introductory Logic
VIS 206 Introductory Photography
Fall 2007
ART 214 Contemporary Art: 1950 to the Present
COS 318 Operating Systems
ECO 317 The Economics of Uncertainty
ORF 411 Operations and Information Engineering

Fall 2006
COS 402 Artificial Intelligence
MAE 305 Mathematics in Engineering I (Differential Equations)
ORF 311 Optimization under Uncertainty
ORF 405 Regression and Applied Time Series
ORF 435 Financial Risk Management

Fall 2005
ORF 309 Probability and Stochastic Systems
ORF 245 Fundamentals of Engineering Statistics
COS 226 Algorithms and Data Structures
COS 341 Discrete Math

Fall 2004
CHM 231 Integrated, Quantitative Intro to Natural Sciences
CHM 232 Integrated, Quantitative Intro to Natural Sciences
ELE 203 Electrical Circuits
WRI 138 The English Revolution

Additional Courses

Princeton University courses completed during high school:
COS 217 Introduction to Programming Systems (Fall 2003)
MAT 201 Multivariable Calculus (Fall 2002)
MAT 202 Linear Algebra with Applications (Spring 2003)
MAT 317 Complex Analysis with Applications (Fall 2003)
MAT 215 Analysis in a Single Variable Spring 2004)

While working for Princeton University, I attended:
COS 597B Systems and Networking for Virtual Worlds (Fall 2008)