Teaching Assistant

Guest Lectures

  • Introduction to Differential Privacy
    (Course: Topics in Applied Cryptography (Crypto for Social Good))
    Fall 2019, Fall 2018

  • Introduction to Oblivious RAMs
    (Course: Hiding in Plain Sight: An Introduction to the Art of Cryptography)
    Summer 2019

  • Shamir's Secret Sharing [ Slides]
    (Course: ICERM's GirlsGetMath)
    Summer 2017

  • Introduction to Distributed Consensus [ Slides]
    (Course: Topics in Applied Cryptography)
    Fall 2017

  • Spin Locks and Contention
    (Course: Multiprocessor Synchronization)
    Fall 2016

  • Concurrent Skip Lists
    (Course: Multiprocessor Synchronization)
    Fall 2015