Distinguished Lecture: E​lizabeth Mynatt

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2018 Talks
John Meehan
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Feb. 8, 2018, 11:05 p.m.

E​lizabeth Mynatt
Georgia Tech
Thursday, February 8, 2017 at 4:00 PM
Room 368 (CIT 3rd Floor)

Rethinking Ubiquitous Computing to Transform Healthcare
Healthcare for chronic disease is the dominant cost for many
healthcare systems, now and for the foreseeable future. The unique
capabilities of pervasive computing technologies have the potential to
transform healthcare by shifting care from institutional to home
settings, by helping individuals engage in their own care, by
facilitating problem solving and decision making, and by creating a
network of communication and collaboration channels that extends
healthcare delivery to everyday settings.

In this talk, I will draw from a number of research projects that
integrate computing research, human-centered design, and health
management theory to create promising approaches for promoting
wellness, supporting behavior change and delivering improved health

Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt is Distinguished Professor in the College of
Computing and the Executive Director of Georgia Tech’s Institute for
People and Technology (IPaT). IPaT aims to promote healthy, productive
and fulfilling lives on a global scale. By fostering an
interdisciplinary and collaborative environment between Georgia Tech
faculty, students, and external partners, IPaT provides the continuity
and capacity to address and solve today’s scientific, social, and
economic grand challenges surrounding the health and well​ ​being of
people, their families, and communities.

In her research, Mynatt directs the Everyday Computing Lab. There she
investigates the design and evaluation of health information
technologies including creating personalized mobile technology for
supporting breast cancer patients during their cancer journey,
evaluating mobile sensing and mHealth engagement for pediatric
epilepsy patients and their caregivers, and investigating the positive
and negative influence of social media on self-harm behaviors such as
eating disorders. She is also one of the principal researchers in the
Aware Home Research Initiative; investigating the design of future
home technologies, especially those that enable older adults to
continue living independently as opposed to moving to an institutional
care setting.

Mynatt is also the Chair of the Computing Community Consortium, an
NSF-sponsored effort to engage the computing research community in
envisioning more audacious research challenges. She serves as member
of the National Academies Computer Science and Telecommunications
Board (CSTB) and as an ACM Council Member at Large. She has been
recognized as an ACM Fellow, a member of the SIGCHI Academy, and a
Sloan and Kavli research fellow. She has published more than 100
scientific papers and chaired the CHI 2010 conference, the premier
international conference in human-computer interaction. Prior to
joining the Georgia Tech faculty in 1998, Mynatt was a member of the
research staff at Xerox PARC.

Host: Professor Amy Greenwald