Invited Speakers
Claude Le Pape, Ilog, France
George Nemhauser, Georgia Tech., USA
Bart Selman, Cornell University, USA
Thierry Benoist, Bouyges, Franc
John Chinneck, Carleton University, Canada
Wednesday May 23rd.
Master Class: Constraint-based Scheduling
Chair:  Amedeo Cesta
Scheduling:  at the crossroad of multi-disciplinary  research
Philippe Baptiste
ILOG CP for scheduling:  a developer and user's perspective
Philippe Laborie
Robust project scheduling
Erik Demeulemeester
Knowledge-based Scheduling
Chris Beck
Ant Colony Optimization Applications to Scheduling Problems
Thomas Stuetzle
Distributed Planning and Scheduling
Stephen F. Smith
Schedule Thursday 24th
8h30-10h00 Tutorial: Thierry Benoist
10h00-10h30: Technical Session
New Constraint Programming and Integer Programming Approaches to Minimum Cardinality Decomposition of Integer Matrices with the Consecutive-Ones Property.
Davaatseren Baatar, Natashia Boland, Sebastian Brand and Peter J. Stuckey.
10h30-11h00 Coffee
11h00-12h30 Technical Session: Scheduling I
Computing Tight Time Windows for RCPSPWET with the Primal-Dual Method.
Tamas Kis and András Kéri.
A continuous Multi-Resources cumulative Constraint with Positive-Negative Resource Consumption-Production.
Emmanuel Poder and Nicloas Beldiceanu.
A Column Generation Based Destructive Lower Bound for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems.
Marjan van den Akker, Guido Diepen and Han Hoogeveen.
12h30-14h Lunch at St Louis
14h-15h Invited Talk: George Nemhauser
15h-15h30 Technical Session: Clustering
Constrained Clustering via Concavity Cuts.
Yu Xia.
15h30-16h Coffee
16h-18h00 Technical Session: Hybrid Local Search
Bender's Cuts Guided Large Neighborhood Search for the Traveling Umpire Problem.
Hakan Yildiz and Michael Trick.
A Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic for Graph Coloring.
Hakan Yildiz and Michael Trick.
Preprocessing expression-based constraint satisfaction problems for stochastic local search.
Sivan Sabato and Yehuda Naveh.
Hybrid Local Search for Constrained Financial Portfolio Selection Problems.
Luca Di Gaspero, Giacomo di Tollo, Andrea Roli and Andrea Schaerf.
19h-20 Drinks at the Grande Place
Schedule  Friday 25th
8h30-10h00 Tutorial: John Chinneck
10h00-10h30 Technical Session: Feasibility and Optimality
Connections in Networks: Hardness of Feasibility versus Optimality
Jon Conrad, Carla Gomes, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Ashish Sabharwal and Jordan Suter.
10h30-11h00 Coffee
11h00-12h30 Technical Session: Uncertainty and Preferences
Solving a Stochastic Queueing Control Problem with Constraint Programming.
Daria Terekhov and Chris Beck.
Replenishment Planning for Stochastic Inventory Systems with Shortage Cost.
Roberto Rossi, S. Armagan Tarim, Brahim Hnich and Steven Prestwich.
The Deviation Constraint.
Pierre Schaus, Yves Deville, Pierre Dupont and Jean-Charles Regin.
12h30-14h Lunch at St Louis
14h-15h Invited Talk: Bart Selman
15h-15h30 Technical Session: SAT
Eliminating redundant clauses in SAT instances.
Olivier Fourdrinoy, Eric Gregoire, Bertrand Mazure and Sais Lakhdar.
15h30-16h Coffee
16h-18h  Technical Session: IP
The Linear Programming Polytope of Binary Constraint Problems with Bounded Tree-Width.
Meinolf Sellmann, Luc Mercier and Daniel H. Leventhal.
Best-First AND/OR Search for Solving 0/1 Integer Linear Programming Problems.
Radu Marinescu and Rina Dechter.
Modeling the Regular Constraint with Integer Programming.
Marie-Claude Côté, Bernard Gendron and Louis-Martin Rousseau.
Cost-Bounded Binary Decision Diagrams for 0-1 Programming.
 Tarik Hadzic and John Hooker.
19h30 Dinner at the Musée de la Musique
Schedule  Saturday 26th
8h30-10h30 Technical Session: Global Constraints
 A Position-Based Propagator for the Open-Shop Problem.
Jean-Noël Monette, Yves Deville and Pierre Dupont.
The ``Not-Too-Heavy Spanning Tree'' Constraint.
Gregoire Dooms and Irit Katriel.
 A Global Constraint for Total Weighted Completion Time.
 Andras Kovacs and Chris Beck.
Generalizations of the Global Cardinality Constraint for Hierarchical Resources.
Alessandro Zanarini and Gilles Pesant.      
10h30-11h00 Coffee
11h00-12h00  Invited Talk: Claude Le Pape
12h00-12h30 Technical Session: Application
A Constraint Programming Approach to the Hospitals / Residents Problem.
David Manlove, Gregg O'Malley, Patrick Prosser and Chris Unsworth.
12h30-14h Lunch at St Louis
14h-16h00 Technical Session: Constraints
Necessary Condition for Path Partitioning Constraints.
Lorca Xavier and Beldiceanu Nicolas.  
A Learning Minimal Discrepancy Search for CSPs.
Wafa Karoui, Marie-José Huguet, Pierre Lopez and Wady Naanaa.
On Boolean Functions Encodable as a Single Linear Pseudo-Boolean Constraint.
Jan-Georg Smaus.
Directional Interchangeability for Enhancing CSP Solving.
Wady naanaa.
16h00 End of CPAIOR’07