Workshop on Software Visualization

International Conference on Software Engineering

Toronto 13-14 May 2001


The proceedings of the workshop can be found here.

The original announcement


This workshop will look at current work in the area of software visualization with an emphasis on software understanding through visualization. More specific topics of interest include: In addition to providing an overview of current research in the area, it will provide a forum for discussions and cooperation among researchers in this and related areas.


The workshop itself will include presentations of position papers with time for discussion, one or two invited talks, panel sessions, and ample time for discussions among the participants.

Interested researchers should submit a position paper (2-4 pages plus figures) stating their interest in software visualization. Papers will be evaluated by a small program committee consisting of the three of us and three additional researchers to be selected. Accepted papers will be posted on this website.

The review process is now completed, and authors of submitted papers have been notified. The workshop program will be posted here soon.

General Information

Please register for the conference as early as possible. The early registration deadline is April 12, 2001. ICSE 2001 Website


Wim De Pauw received his M.S. in E.E., M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Ghent Belgium, where he did research on data structures for graphical information. Since 1992 he is at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center.

He is a Research Staff Member managing the Jinsight project, dealing with visualization for object-oriented systems. His research interests are visualization, object-oriented programming environments, debugging and performance analysis.

Steven Reiss is Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chairman of the Computer Science Department at Brown University. Dr. Reiss's research interests lie in the area of programming environments and software visualization. The most recent environment, DESERT, combines an inexpensive data integration mechanism with a common editor and a collection of design and programming tools.

Dr. Reiss's current research includes work in the area of the visualization and analysis of the dynamics of complex software systems, software environments that let code and design evolve consistently and in parallel, web-based information retrieval, and developing software for a wireless classroom.

John Stasko is an Associate Professor in the College of Computing and the GVU Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was was the lead editor on the recent book "Software Visualization: Programming as a Multimedia Experience" published by MIT Press.

Stasko's research interests focus on software and information visualization and human-computer interaction. He is the developer of the Tango and Polka algorithm animation systems as well as a number of other systems and techniques for software visualization. His current research includes efforts to develop software visualizations for analyzing test case information and debugging, information visualizations for communicating peripheral awareness information, user interfaces for small screens, and personified software agents on the desktop.