MzTake: A Scriptable Debugger


 Jonathan Spiro, Guillaume Marceau, Greg Cooper, John Clements, Shriram Krishnamurthi
Brown University PLT 

MzTake is an interactive monitor for PLT Scheme programs. MzTake provides several primitives for monitoring execution, thereby facilitating debugging and program comprehension. MzTake’s programmers can not only instrument the program but can also write programs that compute with the results of the instrumentation. These results can in turn influence program execution. Thus, MzTake is a scriptable debugger.

The scripting in MzTake is done in the FrTime language. This connection is based on the observation that the program being monitored is a source of events, and FrTime is designed well to receive events from the outside world. Therefore, the script programmer has the full power of FrTime (which includes almost all of Scheme, graphical routines and some rudimentary GUI support, in addition to several event-based programming primitives) for automating program monitoring.

The distribution contains several pithy demonstration files, to help you get started.

We would love to receive feedback about MzTake. We’d like to hear both criticisms and suggestions for improvement, and learn about interesting debugging and monitoring applications you have built atop it. Please send your feedback to the PLT-Scheme list, which the authors of MzTake monitor.

 Enjoy! Remember, if you make a mistake, it’s time to use MzTake! 


        Highway Speeds
        Sine Waves
        Monte Carlo
        Random Numbers
        First Class Functions

Please send bug reports to:

Icons for MzTake come from the Gnome Project: Nautilus Emblems. These are provided under the GPL license:

Last modified: Tuesday, August 10th, 2004