...for times when you wish your doctor would listen


DivaScheme is an alternative set of key bindings for DrScheme. When DivaScheme is on, the most important functions of DrScheme are available through unchorded keystrokes, and the motion commands operate on sexps by default.

A demonstration video of DivaScheme's core features is available at YouTube. A larger, more legible version of the movie can be found here: divascheme-danny-demo.avi


DivaScheme is now distributed through the PLaneT repository. If you have previously installed DivaScheme, before installing this new release, you must remove the previous installation's collection directory.

To install and run DivaScheme, evaluate the following at the DrScheme REPL:

(require (planet "install.ss" ("divascheme" "divascheme.plt" 1 3)))
Then re-start DrScheme. To enable DivaScheme, press F4. It will switch DrScheme's default keybindings to those enabled by DivaScheme. Pressing F4 again disables DivaScheme and returns DrScheme to its normal operation. If DivaScheme malfunctions, pressing F4 should restore DrScheme to your command.


For documentation on DivaScheme's commands, including tutorials, please search for "divascheme" in Help Desk after you have installed the package and re-started DrScheme. The documentation can also be browsed online. The latest announcement notes can also be found here in ann-2.3.txt.

Changes in Release 2.3

Features and bug fixes:

Previous release announcements


DivaScheme was designed and implemented by Romain Legendre, Guillaume Marceau, Danny Yoo, Kathi Fisler and Shriram Krishnamurthi. We thank Jay McCarthy for his help.

Thanks also to Aleks Bromfield, Jon Rafkind, Matthias Felleisen, Mark Haniford, Chris Warrington, David Cabana, Kyle Smith, Geoffrey Knauth, Will Farr, and Matt Jadud for their feedback and bug reports.

Send comments and bug reports to dyoo@cs.wpi.edu.