Harnessing the Wisdom of the Classes

This page contains the supplemental materials for this SIGCSE 2019 paper by (S)am Saarinen, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Kathi Fisler, and Preston Tunnell Wilson.

Answer input types columns (excel)

Answer input types data (excel)

Answer equivalences columns (excel)

Answer equivalences data (excel)

Answer prototypes columns (excel)

Answer prototypes data (excel)

Answers columns (excel)

Answers data (excel)

Completion records columns (excel)

Completion records data (excel)

Courses columns (excel)

Courses data (excel)

Enrollments columns (excel)

Enrollments data (excel)

Question input types columns (excel)

Question input types data (excel)

Question priorities columns (excel)

Question priorities data (excel)

Questions columns (excel)

Questions data (excel)

Quizzes columns (excel)

Quizzes data (excel)