The latest version of Flowlog, along with source code, is here.
Download the Flowlog Demo VM (for VirtualBox) here.
SHA1(FlowlogVM.tar.gz)= a2c35720a42a8902e37c6c0c60071d90cfe24aea

Once running the VM
To run a Flowlog program, cd to the FlowLog/interpreter folder and then:
./flowlog.native program.flg
for instance to load the learning switch program:
./flowlog.native examples/Mac_Learning.flg

Mininet has already been installed. For instance:
sudo mn --controller=remote --topo=tree,depth=2,fanout=2 --mac --arp
will load a tree topology with three switches and four hosts.

The Alloy Analyzer has been downloaded into the default user root directory.
To run it: java -jar alloy4.2.jar

Contact: Tim Nelson
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2014