Brown-Edinburgh Diffusion MRI Resource

This page presents a diffusion MRI resource of 80 normal subjects including demographic and neuropsychological measures. This work is supported by NIH R01 EB004155 in collaboration between David H. Laidlaw in the Visualization Research Lab at Brown University and Mark E. Bastin at University of Edinburgh.

Under an IRB-approved protocol, diffusion-weighted MR images were acquired from a population of healthy volunteers, including a group of 80 normal aging healthy controls. The subjects comprised a cross-sectional normal aging population, which consisted of nearly equal number of each sex and roughly uniformly distributed ages ranging from 25 to 65 years old. Imaging was conducted on a GE 1.5T scanner with 2x2x2mm voxels and image resolution 128x128x72. For each diffusion scan, seven baseline volumes were acquired, and the diffusion-weighted images used a single-shell high angular resolution diffusion encoding scheme with 64 distinct gradient encoding directions at a b-value of 1000 s/mm^2.

To gain access to the dataset, please send a request containing your name, institution, and a brief description of your research interest to David H. Laidlaw at or Ryan P. Cabeen at . The data release page can then be accessed here.