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Welcome to the L.C.F.C.

MISSION The LABORATORY for COMPUTATION in FINANCE and COMMERCE is a partnership between academia and industry, designed to promote research in computer science for innovative applications in finance and commerce. The Laboratory's focus is on computational and algorithmic aspects of quantitative or discrete modeling and problem solving.
CHALLENGE The design of tractable computational models and efficient algorithms is becoming increasingly important for many applications in finance and commerce. While much progress has been made in the use of quantitative modeling techniques, for example, in the area of financial management, the computational challenges encountered in applying these models to real-world problems have largely been neglected. Similarly, many discrete and combinatorial problems lack efficient algorithms for either exact or approximate solutions.
RESEARCH The research conducted at the LCFC aims at addressing these challenges by building on methods from all areas of computer science. The Laboratory unites expertise from many areas, inculding theoretical computer science, combinatorial optimization, artificial intelligence, and computer systems research.
EDUCATION The LCFC is working towards the creation of a novel concentration area "Computation in Finance and Commerce" as part of the Computer Science curriculum.
SPONSORS The Laboratory is currently looking for sponsorship and support from industrial partners. An ongoing project in Computational Finance, Computation Problems in Valuation and Management of Inventory, is sponsored by a research grant from Goldman & Sachs.

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