Peer-to-peer systems have been proposed for a wide variety of applications, including file-sharing, web caching, distributed computation, cooperative backup, and onion routing. An important motivation for such systems is self-scaling; that is, the notion that increased participation increases the capacity of the system. Unfortunately, this property is at risk from selfish participants, as the decentralized nature of peer-to-peer systems makes accounting difficult. We use e-cash as a practical way to achieve accountability in peer-to-peer systems while maintaining their ability to self-scale.

E-cash is a natural fit for peer-to-peer systems that attempt to provide (or preserve) privacy for their participants, as it can be used to provide accountability without compromising the existing privacy goals of a peer-to-peer system. We applied e-cash to the file sharing scenario, and showed that it can be used in practice to provide the benefits mentioned above.

Our approach includes using a cryptographic programming language and interpreter to provide a set of cryptographic protocols, while also using various optimizations at the compiler level to reduce the computational and communication costs of anonymous e-cash transactions. We furthermore have made system design choices with the goal of reducing overhead and distributing load. We employ techniques from cryptography, networking, distributed systems, peer-to-peer systems, game theory, and mechanism design in our solutions.

Overall, our goal is to demonstrate that provably secure, anonymous, and scalable peer-to-peer systems are within reach.


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