CS 2950-v: Topics in Applied Cryptography (Fall ‘18)

Meeting Time: TTh 1:00-2:20PM Location: CIT 506 Instructor: Seny Kamara (seny@brown.edu)
Office hours: Thursdays 2:30-4PM, CIT 507

Description: This course surveys recent developments in applied cryptography. Research in this field is motivated by privacy and security issues that arise in practice from areas like cloud computing, databases, surveillance and finance. Topics will vary each year.

Prerequisites: CSCI 1660 required; CSCI 1510 strongly recommended.

Syllabus: [pdf]()


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Topics (tentative)
+ Encrypted Algorithms
+ Censorship-Resistance
+ Adversarial Machine Learning
+ Rational Cryptography

There is no textbook required for this course but students may find Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Katz and Lindell helpful to gain familiarity with cryptography. Other recommended (free) resources include Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Bellare and Rogaway and Course in Cryptography by Pass and Shelat.


09/06 Th: Overview and Introduction to Cryptography (Seny)

09/11 Tu: Introduction to Cryptography (Seny)

09/13 Th: Introduction to Structured Encryption (Seny)

09/18 Tu:

09/20 Th:

09/25 Tu:

09/27 Th:

1002 Tu:

1004 Th:

1009 Tu: Introduction to Censorship (Seny)

1011 Th:

1016 Tu:

1018 Th:

1023 Tu:

1025 Th:

1030 Tu:

1101 Th:

1106 Tu:

1108 Th: Introduction to Surveillance (Seny)

1113 Tu:

1115 Th:

1120 Tu:

1122 Th: Thanksgiving

1127 Tu:

1129 Th:

1204 Tu: Project Presentations

1206 Th: Project Presentations