Rosemary Michelle Simpson

Information Architect
Department of Computer Science
115 Waterman Street, Box 1910
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Table of Contents

Hypermedia-Related Application Design and Implementation
Course Design and Teaching
Professional Activities


Design Strategies Handbook editor, Exploratories project, Brown University Computer Graphics group. (1999-)

Research Coordinator, Brown University Computer Graphics group. (1998-present)

Webmaster, Memex, STC, and Graphics Group web sites, Brown University Computer Graphics group. (1996-present)

President, Information Programming. (1986-present)

User Interface Specialist, LISP Machine Inc. (1984-1986)

Director of Educational Systems, Access Technology Inc. (1983-1984)

Market Research Specialist, Pixel Corporation. (1982-1983)

Senior Technical Writer, Prime Computer. (1977-1981)

Marketing Writer, Digital Equipment Corporation. (1975-1977)

Senior Software Instructor, Digital Equipment Corporation. (1973-1975)

Systems Programmer, IBM CP-67/CMS Development Group. (1969-1972)

Systems Engineer, IBM, Cambridge GEM (Government, Education, and Medical) office. (1967-1969)

Chemistry Technician, Tufts University Medical School. (1965-1966)

Chemistry Teacher, Newburyport High School. (1964-1965)



Indexed the proceedings for Hypertext '87, '91, '93, and ECHT '94 conferences. Currently am creating a global index and hypertext for all the SigWeb (formerly SigLink) hypertext conferences since 1987.

Addison Wesley (partial list)

"Concurrency Programming in Java" by Lea.

"Design Patterns" by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides, in progress.

"Models of Computation" by John Savage.

"Operating Systems" by Silberschatz.

"Pattern Hatching" by Vlissides.

"PLoPD3 (Pattern Languages of Program Design 3)", Martin, Riehle, and Buschmann, editors.

"The Computer in the Visual Arts" by Spalter.

"The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion" by Alpert, Brown, and Woolf.

"The Java Class Libraries" all versions and editions, by Chan and Lee.

"The Java Programming Language" editions one and two. by Arnold and Gosling.

"The Java Specification" by Gosling, Joy, and Steele.

"The Java Virtual Machine Specification" by Lindholm and Yellin.

Apple Computer

Indexed The Macintosh System 7 User and Networking Manuals.

Coral Software

Created a comprehensive stand-alone index, "Common LISP - the Index", for Guy Steele's 'Common LISP - the Language", as well as indexes for all of Coral's LISP and Logo manuals. "Common LISP - the Index" was the exhibit Nancy Mulvany, President of the American Society of Indexers, used in obtaining a ruling from the U.S. Copyright Office that indexes are created, not compiled, works and are therefore copyrightable.

Digital Equipment Corporation

Provided paper and online indexes for over 30 Education Services student manuals.

Digital Press


"X Window System C Library and Protocol Reference", by Scheifler, Gettys, and Newman.

"VAX/VMS: Writing Real Programs in DCL" by Paul Anagnostopoulos.

"X Window System ToolKit" by Asente and Swick.

"VAX/VMS Internals and Data Structures, Version 5" by Goldenberg and Kenah.

Harper Collins

Indexed "An Introduction to Compiler Construction" by Waite and Carter.

Interactive Data Corporation (IDC)

Designed and implemented a global market research index covering over 600 market research reports and newsletters.

LINK Resources Corporation

Created a global market research index for market research reports and newsletters.

LISP Machine Inc.

Created an integrated index for both the paper and online versions of the LISP Machine Manual.

Meta Software Inc.

Indexed the "Design/CPN User Guide and Programmers Reference" and the "Design/IDEF User's Guide".

Prentice Hall

Indexed the first and second editions of "The KornShell Command and Programming Language" by Bolsky and Korn.

Stardent Computer

Created a global index for all of Stardent's technical documentation.


Indexed the first and second editions of "The Internet Navigator" by Gilster.

Hypermedia-Related Application Design and Implementation

Brown University: Designing ConceptLab, a software laboratory that provides facilities for exploring and extending a cognitive domain, for generating new ideas relative to that domain, and for modifying the domain to reflect the impact of the new ideas, enables users to discover relationships among concepts that they would not have otherwise discovered using currently available tools such as search engines (Google, Altavista, etc) and citationbases (CiteSeer).

LISP Machine Inc.: Designed and implemented the prototype for LMI-Gateway, a hypertext system which ran as a window system application. Portions of this research project resulted in an Online Documentation System - LMI-ODM, which ran as a major mode of the ZMACS editor and was part of Release 3 of the LMI system software.

Pixel Corporation: Designed and implemented an interactive information retrieval system, using UNIX utilities and shell facilities, to manage both technical and marketing information on over 50 of Pixel's competitors. This system - the ISHELL - was featured in an article on UNIX utilities in the September, 1983 issue of BYTE magazine.


Access Technology: Designed and managed production of a Supercomp-Twenty application notes series.

Coral Software: Provided the technical research and organization for the Pearl LISP manual.

Digital Equipment Corporation: Wrote technical summaries for the DECsystem-10 and DECSYSTEM-20. Wrote a coordinated series of hardware and software product bulletins for the PDP-11.

Meta Software Inc.: Wrote the "Design/CPN User Guide and Programmers Reference" for Version 2.0.

Pixel Corporation: Complete responsibility, from design through production, for all software, hardware, and third party product bulletins.

Prime Computer: Complete responsibility, from design through production, for systems level documentation, including systems architecture, assemblers, loaders, and debuggers.

Course Design and Teaching

Access Technology: Designed and implemented online interactive tutorials in an interactive Help system.

Boston University: Taught a DECsystem-10 Macro Assembler course for Met College.

Digital Equipment Corporation: Designed and taught DECsystem-10 Macro Assembler, DECsystem-10 Users, TOPS-10 Monitor Overview, and TOPS-10 Monitor Internals courses.

Editorial Services: Designed and taught an indexing workshop. Clients have included Digital Equipment Corporation, Apollo, Data General, Unisys, Bachman, as well as numerous general technical writing audiences.

MIT: Designed and taught an MIT High School Studies Program course on Computers and Creativity.


LISP Machine Inc.

LISP - Designed and implemented the prototype for LMI-Gateway, a hypertext system which ran as a window system application. Portions of this research project resulted in an Online Documentation System - LMI-ODM, which ran as a major mode of the ZMACS editor and was part of Release 3 of the LMI system software.

MIT - CAM project

PL/1 - Wrote a set of subroutines for a social sciences project.


CP-67/CMS Development group

S360 Assembler- Wrote utilities for CMS. Ported POPS compiler to CMS. Wrote a test suite for CP-67/CMS system testing.
APL - Wrote an educational game authoring system that was reported on at ACM '72.

Cambridge GEM (Government, Education, and Medical) office

S360 Assembler- Wrote registration utilities for Boston University.
RPG - Wrote a library cataloging system for Graham Junior College.

Professional Activities

Member: ACM and IEEE

ACM Computing Surveys: ACM Computing Surveys Hypertext Symposium Hypertext Testbed

ACM SigWeb: Memex and Beyond Hypermedia Resource Base

ACM Hypertext 2001: paper, software demo, hypertext memoir, spatial hypertext workshop participant

ACM Hypertext 2000: paper

ACM SigCSE '99: paper

ACM SIGGRAPH '99: Electronic Schoolhouse lecture

ACM Hypertext '93: Moderator for "Hypertext Writing and Publishing" commercial symposium

ACM Hypertext '87, '91, '93, ECHT '94, Hypertext '99, 2000 : Indexed proceedings

ACM Hypertext '89: panelist

ACM SigDoc '89: paper

ACM SigChi '86: poster

ACM SigUCCS '85: panelist

User-System Interfaces Workshop, Austin, Texas, January 1986: paper

ACM '72: Technical Program Co-Chairman, Proceedings Chairman, Session Chairman, Paper contributor.


BA in History, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. (1963).


Technical Journals and Proceedings

[Shields 1970] Rosemary Shields. "Registration, Scheduling and Student Records" chapter in Volume 2 of Handbook of College and University Administration. McGraw-Hill, 1970.

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[Spalter et al. 2000] Anne Morgan Spalter, Philip A Stone, Barb J. Meier, Timothy S. Miller, and Rosemary Michelle Simpson. "Interaction in an IVR Museum of Color" in Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2000 Electronic Schoolhouse, ACM SIGGRAPH, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 2000.

[van Dam et al. 2000] Andries van Dam, Andrew S. Forsberg, David H. Laidlaw, Joseph J. LaViola, and Rosemary M. Simpson. "Immersive VR for Scientific Visualization: A Progress Report" in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 20, No. 6, Nov/Dev, 2000.

[Simpson 2001a] Rosemary Michelle Simpson. "Experiences with Web Squirrel: My Life on the Information Farm" in Proceedings of ACM Hypertext 2001.

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[Simpson 2001c ] Rosemary Michelle Simpson. "ConceptLab: An Information Structures Spatial Hypermedia Environment" in Poster Proceedings of the ACM Hypertext 2001 Conference, Aarhus, Denmark. ACM Press.

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Software Manuals - Prime Computer

User's Guide to Assembly Language Programming. IDR3059, 1977.

The Assembly Language Programmer's Guide. FDR3059, 1978.

Assembly Language Programmer's Companion. FDR3340, 1978.

Reference Guide, System Architecture and Instructions. IDR3060, 1979.

Reference Guide, System Architecture. PDR3060, 1979.

Reference Guide, System Architecture. PDR3060, 1981 (complete revision).

Reference Guide, LOAD and SEG. IDR3524, 1979.

Reference Guide, Source Level Debugger. IDR4033, 1980.

Software Manuals - Coral Software

PEARL Lisp Manual. Organization, research, and index. 1987.

Product Bulletins - Digital Equipment Corporation

PDP-11/04 Central Processor. ED06206, 1976.

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