Technology and Contemporary Life
Kylee Kennedy

Chapter 6 - A Look at the Future

- a monolithic technical world to be that has autonomously evolved so man has 
lost connection w/ natural framework and has to relate through technical 

- New laws not organic or inorganic and man is still ignorant of these laws?

- The more the technical mechanism develops from natural necessities the more 
we are subject to artificial technical necessities.

- "A Technical problem demands a technical solution.

- 1st solution = creation of new instruments.
to interact man and his new technical society

- 2nd solution = to (re)discover a new ends for humans in the technical age.

- To comprehend the proliferation of means brings about the disappearance of 
the ends.

- The required solution is a technical inquiry into the ends

- what can't be explain to computers in math with become less inportant 
(only in dreams)

- A new dismembering or mutation of man to becoming the object(ive) of 

L'express of Paris

- Russian and American scientist view of 2000

- commonplace trips to the moon. inhabited artifical satellites.
population is fourfold but stabalized. sea water and ordinary rocks all we 
need. Disease famine eliminated. energy completely resolved. 

- Humans will connect nuerally to a collection of computers for information.

- The problems of automation which will become acute in short time.

- We reflect on the last 150 years of exploitation of coal and electricity 
we expect to resolve all energy problem in 40 years?
- One means to the solution World wide Totalarian Dictatorship

- We will be able to shape emotions, desires and thoughts to come to 
collective decisions.

- dictatorship of test tubes.

- Our scitentists are incapable of understanding things in general outside 
their specialties

- are they symptomatic of arrested development r mental block

- to come to a golden age by these people would be blind to the human 

- They never mention the end of their marvels.

- Is it all for the sake of happiness? if so they speculate we will be able 
to use technique to control that any ways.

- Technique exists because its technique. 

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