S576: Technology and Contemporary Life
The Rhode Island School of Design, Wintersession 2003
Notes, February 13th -- Roger B. Blumberg

Technology and "Reality"

Introduction: Relating to Technology

How can we relate ourselves to technology in a way that not only resists its devastation but also gives it a positive role in our lives? This is an extremely difficult question to which no one has yet given an adequate response, but it is perhaps the question for our generation.
Hubert Dreyfus and Charles Spinosa, 2002

Today, in our final session before tomorrow's exam, I hope we'll have a chance to reflect on this question raised by the authors of "Highway Bridges and Feasts: Heidegger and Borgmann on How to Affirm Technology." One good method of reviewing for the exam would be to reflect on how each of the different authors we've read this semester would answer the question, and also how you would articulate your own answer to the question.

Baudrillard's Disney and the Politics of Simulation

We'll finally discuss Jean Baudrillard's short essay on Disney, focusing on the language he developed for talking about simulation, and hopefully examine the phenomenon of Celebration, Florida, as well. We'll be led in the discussion by Ryan's comments and questions.

The Views of Heidegger and Borgmann

Time permitting, we'll discuss the essay by Dreyfus and Spinosa in some detail, outlining the views of Heidegger, Borgmann, Mumford, and other writers we didn't have the time to read, along the way.

For Next Time: Have a look at the final exam from Spring 2001 and the quotations for review, both linked to the Spring 2001 syllabus (http://www.cs.brown.edu/~rbb/risd/TCL.syll2000.html).

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