Peter Wegner

I am the former editor-in-chief of Computing Surveys and of The Brown Faculty Bulletin.

Some of my current research interests are interaction, compound and active document systems (such as OpenDoc, JavaBeans and ActiveX), object oriented programming, and programming languages. 

Here are some of my papers on Interaction:

Date Paper
Sep. '95  OOPSLA 95 Tutorial Notes: Models and Paradigms of Interaction
Apr '96  Coordination as Constrained Interaction, LNCS 1061, pp. 28-33, April 1996
May '97  Why Interaction Is More Powerful Than Algorithms, Communications of the ACM., May 1997 
December '96  Interactive Software Technology, Handbook of Computer Science and Engineering, CRC Press, 1996.
May. '97  Frameworks for Compound Active Documents, work in Progress
May. '97  Interactive Foundations of Computing, Final Draft, Theoretical Computer Science, February 1998
Jan. '98  A Research Agenda for Interactive Computing, work in Progress
May '98  Towards Empirical Computer Science, The Monist, Spring 1999
July '98  Persistence as a Form of Interaction*, Brown Technical Report CS 98-07, July 1998
January '99  Mathematical Models of Interactive Computing *, Brown Technical Report CS 99-13
January '99  Interaction as a Framework for Modeling *, LNCS #1565, April '99
February '99  Coinductive Models of Finite Computing Agents *, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, March 1999 
February '99  Interactive Visual Programming: Principles and Examples, work in Progress
March'99 Modeling, Formalization, and Intuition, Brown Faculty Bulletin, March '99
May '99  Models of Interaction, ECOOP '99 Course Notes
June '99  Interaction, Computability, and Church's Thesis *, work in Progress
June '99  Draft of ECOOP'99 Banquet Speech, Lisbon, Portugal 
Aug. '00  An Interactive Viewpoint on the Role of UML*, Book chapter, published in Unified Modeling Language: Systems Analysis, Design, and Development Issues, Idea Group Publishing, 2001.
May. '02 Paraconsistency of Interactive Computation*, PCL 2002 (Workshop on Paraconsistent Computational Logic), Denmark, July 2002
Jun. '02  Computation Beyond Turing Machines* (RTF), Communications of the ACM, April 2003
Jun. '03  Turing's Ideas and Models of Computation. Book chapter, in Alan Turing: Life and Legacy of a Great Thinker, ed. Christof Teuscher, Springer 2004 (co-authored with Eugene Eberbach, Dina Goldin)
Jun. '05  The Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth* (PDF), Presented at CiE 2005, Amsterdam; LNCS 3526, Springer 2005, pp. 152-168
Mar. '06  Principles of Problem Solving *, Communications of the ACM, July 2006
Sep. '06  Interactive Computation: the New Paradigm. Published by Springer-Verlag in September 2006 (co-edited with Dina Goldin, Scott Smolka)
Jan. '08  Refuting the Strong Church-Turing Thesis: the Interactive Nature of Computing * (PDF), accepted for publication in Minds and Machines.

    *  co-authored with Dina Goldin; here is her list of papers on interaction.

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