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Computational Videography

Computational videography is one of many names given to the field of producing new or better output video streams from sets of input streams using a computer. This is where image processing, computer vision, computer graphics, and optics meet. This page summarizes work by Morgan McGuire on images and video. Papers marked with "(*)" are extended and improved journal versions of earlier conference papers.

McGuire, Matusik, and Yerazunis. Practical, Real-Time Studio Matting using Dual Imagers. EGSR 2006, Cyprus, Greece, July, 2006. [PDF Preprint]

McGuire and Matusik. Real-Time Triangulation Matting Using Passive Polarization. SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketch, Los Angeles, August, 2006. [PDF]

McGuire, Computational Videography with a Single-Axis, Multi-Parameter Lens Camera. Ph.D. Thesis, Brown University Computer Science Department, August 2005. [PDF][Bibtex]

McGuire, Matusik, Pfister, Hughes, and Durand. Defocus Video Matting. ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2005), Los Angeles, August 2, 2005. [PDF] [Video] [PPT Talk] [Bibtex]

McGuire and Matusik. Defocus Difference Matting. SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketch, Los Angeles, August 2, 2005. [PPT Talk] [Abstract][Bibtex]

McGuire, Hughes, Matusik, Pfister, Durand, and Nayar. A Configurable Single-Axis, Multi-Parameter Lens Camera, poster at the Symposium on Computational Photography and Video, MIT, May 24, 2005. [PPT] [PDF][Bibtex]

Vetro, McGuire, Matusik, Behrens, Lee, and Pfister. Multiview video test sequences from MERL for the MPEG multiview working group. ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 Document m12077, April 2005. [Data][Bibtex]

Stone, Tao, and McGuire. Analysis of image registration noise due to rotationally dependent aliasing, J. Vis. Commun. Image. R. 14,2003 pp. 114-135. [PDF][Bibtex]

McGuire, Krishnamurthi, and Hughes. Programming Languages for Compressing Graphics. Proceedings of ESOP 2002. [PDF] [PS] [PPT Talk][Bibtex]

McGuire. Image Registration Method. United States Patent 6,266,452 issued July 24, 2001 [HTML][Bibtex]

Morgan McGuire and Harold S. Stone. Techniques for Multiresolution Image Registration in the Presence of Occlusions. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 38(3):1476-1479, May 2000 (*) [PPT Talk] [DOC]

Harold S. Stone, J. LeMoigne, and Morgan McGuire. The Translation Sensitivity of Wavelet-Based Registration. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 21(10):1074-1081, 1999 (*) [PDF]

McGuire. An image registration technique for recovering rotation, scale and translation parameters. NEC Tech Report, Feb. 1998. [PPT Talk] [PDF]

Stone, LeMoigne, and McGuire. The translation sensitivity of wavelet-based registration. Proceedings of the 26th AIPR Workshop, Proceedings of the SPIE, Exploiting New Image Sources and Sensors 3240:116-125, 1997

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