All of these documents (in fact, this entire homepage set) are bundled with the library source, under the docs subdirectory, for releases and snapshots. The sole exception is the automatically-generated source documentation, available separately.


This is a short list of text files pertaining to this implementation of ISO 14882. A brief description may follow the name of the file.

Configuring, Building, Testing, Installing

Source-Level Documentation

The library sources have been specially formatted so that with the proper invocation of another tool (Doxygen), a set of HTML pages are generated from the sources files themselves. The resultant documentation is referred to as Source-Level Documentation, and is useful for examining the signatures of public member functions for the library classes, finding out what is in a particular include file, looking at inheritance diagrams, etc.

The source-level documentation for the most recent releases can be viewed online:

This generated HTML collection, as above, is also available for download in the libstdc++ snapshots directory at <URL:>. You will almost certainly need to use one of the mirror sites to download the tarball. After unpacking, simply load libstdc++-html-*/index.html into a browser.

Documentation for older releases is available for download only, not online viewing.

In addition, an initial set of man pages are also available in the same place as the HTML collections. Start with C++Intro(3).

Chapter-Specific Documentation

Information, extensions, notes and advice on specific implementation capabilites and/or liabilities broken down into chapter names based on the C++ standard.

Contributor-Specific Information

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