Brown University
Committee on Electronically Mediated Instruction

The Charge to the Committee

In April 1999 Provost William Simmons of Brown University appointed a committee to explore distance learning and its possible relevance for Brown. The Provost articulated three questions to guide our deliberations:

Members of the Committee

The committee consisted of Professors Christopher Amirault, William Crossgrove (co-chair), Jimmie Doll, Andrew Foster, Peter Heywood, and John Savage (co-chair). Our email addresses are (A note on the committee and its precursor.)

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning, a much discussed form of EMI, refers to learning that occurs at least partially outside of the traditional classroom. A particularly relevant definition of distance learning is "any electronically mediated formal learning program wherein the students and faculty are separated by distance, time, or both." (Report to the Provost: Distance Learning at Cornell University, May 28, 1998.) Distance Education at a Glance is a good first source to consult on this subject.

The Committee's Final Report

The final report of the committee is now available. Please send comments and suggestions to the committee co-chairs William Crossgrove and John Savage.

Reports of Meetings

Valuable Sources of Information on Distance Learning

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