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Email: imanh at stanford.edu

Please do NOT use my old SFU or Brown email addresses -- they no longer work!

I am a Post Doctoral scholar with Serafim Batzoglou at Stanford University. More info ...

My Erdős number is 2!

Research | Publications

My research field is "Computational Biology" and I am excited about recent developments in genomics and sequencing technologies. See the following short video, featuring Bonnie Berger (my academic grandmother) of MIT, about modern challenges of this field in the 21st century.

The highlights of my research can be seen in my publications:

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A full list of my recent publications is available here. You may also check the following databases:
PUBMED |DBLP| Google Scholar (H-index 16)

Curriculum vitae
(Updated September 2015)

NIH Biosketch
(Updated September 2015)


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I receive a Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowship for the Spring semester 2016 in connection with "Algorithmic Challenges in Genomics" program.

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I served as a Program Committee member for AlCoB 2016 , ISMB/ECCB 2015, GIW/InCoB 2015 and Genome Medicine 2015.

I presented a Reviewers' Choice poster at the ASHG 2015, an oral presentation at the ISMB-HitSeq 2015, and two earlier presentations in the Proceedings Track of ISMB 2014 and WABI 2014. All were on my recent studies on somatic variations and reconstructing mutational history in heterogeneous tumor samples.

A list of upcoming and past events as well as media releases is available here.