Ellie {Pavlick, Tobochnik}

What's New?
I am currently looking for students! If you are interested in working on natural language understanding, semantics, and pragmatics, apply to Brown's PhD program! Please reach out if you want to talk more about the projects I will be starting in the coming year, and how you could fit in! I would also love to hear from intersted masters students or undergraduates.

Recent/upcoming news and travel:

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University, joining in July 2018. I am currently spending a year at Google Research in NY. I recently received my PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where my thesis was on compositional lexical semantics. My general interest is in building better computational models of natural language semantics and pragmatics: e.g. how does language work, and how can we get computers to understand it like humans do? This includes modeling all the imprecise, idiosyncratic, sometimes irrational, but surprisingly effective inferences that humans make when we talk, read, and listen. Please see my publications for a sample of my recent work and interests.