Selected resources for advisees

David Laidlaw
Brown University

Some example Research Comps projects:

Dan Keefe, Spring 2000, "Artistic Metaphors for Interactive Visualization of Multi-Valued 3D Data" (proposal)
Liz Marai, Spring 2000 - Fall 2000, "Modeling the Length of Wrist Ligaments" , spring '00 self-assessment , fall '00 self-assessment , spring '01 self-assessment
Paul Reitsma, Spring 2000, "Motion Editing: a Comparitive Approach"
Daniel Acevedo Felix, Fall 1999-Fall 2000, "ARCHAVE: A virtual reality interface for archaeological 3D GIS" (proposal), proposal presentation, spring '00 self-assessment , fall '00 self-assessment .
Song Zhang, Spring 1999, "Visualizing Neural Tissue from MR Data" , proposal slides , research comps presentation slides. , research comps report, spring '00 self-assessment.

Some example grad independent study project(s):

Dan Keefe, Fall 2000, end-of-term self-assessment
Stuart Andrews, Spring 2000, end-of-term self-assessment
Mike Kirby, Spring 2000, proposal , end-of-term self-assessment

Some example undergrad independent study project(s):

Dan Morris, Spring 2000, proposal final report (with pointers to results)

Samuel Ginsberg, Spring 2000, "Scientific Archaeology vs. the Discovery Channel" (final report)

Some example undergrad honors project(s):

Marco da Silva, Fall 2000, proposal ,

Stephanie Lee, Spring 2005, proposal .


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